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Unofficial Computer-Generated Imagery (CGI) of the proposed National Civil Aircraft (NCA-90) to be developed by National Aerospace Laboratories (NAL) to produce India’s home-made aircraft for its regional aviation market in long-range Fixed AESA Airborne Warning & Control System (AWACS) will look like if NAL develops NCA-90 in next few years.

NAL had plans to develop a total of seven prototypes to prove the design and demonstrate compliance concerning airworthiness requirements and certification and had plans to rope in other public sector undertakings (PSUs) like Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL), Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO), Bharat Electronics Limited (BEL) and Aeronautical Development Agency (ADA). Continue reading


With recent statement made by CDS Rawat about IAF planning to go Local for its fighter requirements, It is estimated that India will save nearly 30$ Billions in cost to set up a local production line and in procurement cost for the winning candidate coming out of the MMRCA Tender for the purchase of 114 fighter jets with Transfer of Technology (TOT) along with a need to set up a local supply line for the spares and support once these jets are inducted in the airforce fleet.

IAF is already committed to the development of the newer and bigger Tejas Mk2 which is also known as Medium Weight Fighter in the Indian defense circle due to its 17.5-tonne Take of weight which puts it in the same weight class category as other Medium Weight Fighters. ADA which is a nodal design agency for the Tejas MK2 and Mk1 as now proposed development of 23.5 tonne Twin engined 4.5++ Generation fighter jet in the same league as Dassault Rafale for the air force called as Omni role combat Aircraft (ORCA) to act as a stop-gap measure before it develops 5.5 generation AMCA for the IAF. Continue reading


Russia recently tested 9M83M surface to air missile which is one of the Interceptor missiles of the S-400 Air Defence system against a simulated target of a short-range ballistic missile at its maximum range of 400km. Many defense analysts see this as the first technical verification of the 9M83M Interceptor missile at its indeed maximum range of 400 km for clients like India which has recently placed orders for the air defense system.

Russia has confirmed that the deliveries of the S-400 surface-to-air missile systems to India will be done by the end of 2021, India had signed a $5bn deal for S-400 missiles in 2018, drawing warnings from the United States that such an acquisition would trigger sanctions as part of a wider program against Russia. Continue reading


India’s Project-75(I) most important and strategically significant naval programs being undertaken by the Ministry of Defence (MoD) for construction of six conventional submarines for the Indian Navy for Rs 45,000 crore is likely to face further delays as tight defense budget and Chinese virus pandemic situation in the country and halted economic activity leaves little room for India to carry out major defense acquisition programs.

Project-75(I) was supposed to be the last time India built-in India, next-generation conventional submarines through technology transfer from foreign partners before India moves to local design and production of next-generation 12 submarines in near future. The current situation does provide the Indian Navy and Private sector shipyards and defense firms an opportunity to fast track what was was initially planned in the development of local submarine technology. Continue reading


Labour Party’s new leader Keir Starmer comments that ” Any constitutional issues in India are a matter for the Indian Parliament, and Kashmir is a bilateral issue for Pakistan and India to resolve peacefully,” has not gone down well with supporters of the party especially with British Mirpuri (Punjabi speaking People from POK region) and British Pakistani and many are wondering what made new party leader make complete U-turn on Kashmir while his predecessor Jeremy Corbyn who openly criticized India on Kashmir and was largely seen siding with Pakistani narrative.

As per Pakistani media reports, Not so Happy Pakistani Government has pushed around a dozen British Pakistani MPs to have an urgent meeting with the new Labour leader and seek an explanation of his remarks. Pressure from Islamabad suggests that they want Starmer to press on with the same anti-India rhetoric on Kashmir as his predecessor Jeremy Corbyn once was. Continue reading


Chinese Analysts Fang Xiaozhi, a researcher at the BRI Institute of Strategy and International Security, Fudan University in an article appeared on an English website backed by the Chinese military, said that India’s Indian Ballistic Missile Defence Programme is far from ready and dismissed Indian’s success as invalid because it was not tested in a real-world combat situation.

Xiaozhi’s whole argument was based on his understanding that India’s Ballistic Missile Defence Interceptors were always tested against Ballistic Missiles fired by India so scientists and engineers knew exactly flying velocity and direction, altitude and trajectory where the missile could be making it possible for successfully intercept and actually how a hostile missile could perform in a real combat situation. Continue reading


India’s aim to turn tables on Pakistan on Kashmir and by regularly making comments on Pakistan Occupied Kashmir (POK) and Gilgit-Baltistan which both belonged to the former princely state of Jammu and Kashmir and has been under illegal occupation of Pakistan from 1947 tribal raids backed by Pakistani military have miffed Pakistani media which have seen role reversal for the first time.

Pakistani Analytics have been commenting that India now eyes POK and Gilgit-Baltistan region after it annexed and scrapped autonomy of the state last August and might do a military intervention in these areas soon to turn tables on Pakistan. Some Pakistani Analytics was also urging the Pakistani military to provide basic arms training to the locals in the region so that it can be used to defend if Indian forces do attack. Regular cease-firing near LOC and effective response by the Indian Army have created panic like situation in the Pakistani media many warning about the possible military attack by India in this region to reoccupy what India has been claiming to be their land. Continue reading


Wing Commander Abhinandan Varthaman is an important person who can piece together what happened on morning of27th February when he crossed Line of control and shot down a PAF F-16 later to be shot down by another F-16 in the area but the media gap self-imposed by the Indian Air Force (IAF) only shows how handicapped is Indian military services when it comes to information warfare where the Pakistani military has given free access to the Two Pilots who were flying F-16s to their media for propaganda purpose.

Pakistani account of that day has been published in International defense publications and pilots have been given free access to peddle their narrative about how they punished IAF for bombing Terror facilities at the Balakot, Irony of the Indian military is that not even other pilots who were up in the air and flying Mirage-2000 and Su-30MKI have been allowed to talk to media to give a clear picture of the event that day. lack of access to the pilots of the day has hampered the narrative which PAF has been able to build due to the absence of Indian counter directly from the man who was part of the aerial action that day. Continue reading


Vivek Lall, a prominent Indian American aerospace and defense expert, who played key roles in some of the major defense deals between India and the U.S., has resigned from Lockheed Martin “to spend more time with family,”. Lall has been under pressure for failing to secure more deals for the company and growing prospects of India ignoring procurement of F-21 (F-16V) for the Indian air force deal for 114 jets.

Lall had secured a deal for 24 MH-60 Romeo helicopters from Indian Navy for Lockheed Martin recently and was also actively following up with prospects of Indian Air force ordering additional C-130J Tactical Transporters but the pressure was on to secure biggest fighter jet deal of recent times with India and results weren’t convincing enough with IAF Top Tier still desiring for the French Dassault Rafale fighter jet which already has been ordered in small batch as emergency purchase. Continue reading


With Pakistan now planning to expand its 5th Generation Information warfare against India and as per its admission in Pakistan Army’s ” Green Book,” it plans to do so now with more funds and at much large scale as prompted Indian security agencies to oppose the restoration of 4G Mobile connectivity in the region.

There are well-founded apprehensions of misuse of internet for the propagation of terror activities and incitement through the circulation of inflammatory material particularly fake videos and photos and high-speed internet also allows Overground workers of the terrorist organization to assemble at Encounter sides as seen in the past to shied Terrorist and to ensure they can escape from the security cordon. Continue reading


Former Chairman and Managing Director of Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL) Dr.R.K.Tyagi has written a letter to Hardeep Singh Puri who is Minister of Civil Aviation of India had advocated India buying at least 51% stake in the Brazilian aerospace conglomerate Embraer S.A., so that E-Jet E2 medium-range jet airliners and ERJ145 Regional Jet can be used to meet the requirements of the UDAN scheme where according to him there is a requirement for nearly 300 aircraft in next decade or so.

Tyagi says these jets can be manufactured in phase manner in India and Government should considering buying the majority stake in the company before others especially China makes an offer. Continue reading


The United States believes that China probably is not adhering to its nuclear testing moratorium in a manner consistent with the ‘zero-yield’ standard,”. Activities at the Chinese Lup Nur nuclear weapons test site which was captured by satellite imagery confirms China has been either upgrading its Nuclear arsenal or has been doing revamping its old arsenal with newer ones.

“Zero-yield” refers to a nuclear test where there is no explosive chain reaction of the sort caused by an atomic bomb nuclear warhead, which goes against the 1996 Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty, which China has signed. China has denied carrying out any such tests but according to the International press, China has signed CTBT in 1996 but is yet to ratified it yet which means it is still not legally enforceable on china. Continue reading


By 2035, Indian Air Force (IAF) plans to retire nearly 300 front line fighter jets which include 100+ Upgraded Mig-21Bis, 90+ Jaguar Ground Strike aircraft and 110 mix fleet of Mirage-2000 and Mig-29, according to some media reports, IAF also has plans to retire the first batch of 50 Su-30MKIs from 2035 onwards which brings the total tally to 350 jets by 2035, even though we are not factoring in close to 120+ Mig-27s which have been retired from 2010 onwards and are yet to be replaced with the newer planes.

IAF’s current procurement plans involve the purchase of an additional 8 Su-30MKI, 21 Mig-29, 36 Dassault Rafale, 40 Tejas Mk1, and 83 Mk1A along with procurement of 114 jets of International origin. which by 2030 will see the induction of nearly 300 jets plus there will be room for nearly 100 MWF-Mk2 which is already under development and it is expected to enter production by 2026 and could have produced at least 50 jets by 2030. Continue reading


India requires four Landing Helicopter Docks to upgrade the Indian Navy’s disaster response, amphibious warfare, and island protection capabilities. The Indian Navy issued an RFP for the LHDs in late 2013, but no action was taken on the proposals. The requirement was reaffirmed in May 2017 and fresh bids invited but due to sole contender qualifying for the contract it was again put into backburner.

Indian Navy had plans to equip these four warships with to carry six main battle tanks; 20 infantry combat vehicles; 40 heavy trucks; and more than 900 troops and be armed with air defense missiles and close-in weapon system for safety and also carry Sikorsky S-70B Seahawks helicopters to handle anti-submarine warfare (ASW), anti-surface warfare (ASUW), naval special warfare (NSW) insertion, search and rescue (SAR), combat search and rescue (CSAR), vertical replenishment (VERTREP), and medical evacuation (MEDEVAC) roles. Continue reading


Again Shah Mahmood Qureshi who is Minister of Foreign Affairs for Pakistan has written a letter to Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) complaining of the hypothetical genocide which India has been committing against its Muslims citizen and Selected Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan since last August has been Tweeting every week trying to bring the attention of the World against so-called fascist Modi who till now has committed biggest genocide in the history of humanity.

Sudden love for Indian Muslims particularly after Anir-CAA protests and Delhi riots shows that selected PM and the Pakistani military establishment is now focused on the Indian Muslims to achieve its Kashmiri Goal by building up Internal rebellion within India to district India internally and also for possible military or political intervention in the Kashmir. Continue reading