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Cochin Shipyard Ltd has inked a lucrative deal to construct six cutting-edge Next Generation Missile Vessels (NGMV) for the Indian Navy, with a total contract value of ?9,805 crore. The delivery of these advanced warships is set to commence in March 2027. These NGMVs are designed to be heavily armed, featuring state-of-the-art stealth technology, remarkable speed, and offensive capabilities.

Surface warfare capabilities, advanced stealth features such as low radar cross section (RCS), acoustic, magnetic, and infrared (IR) signatures, and so on will be included in NGMVs. NGMVs will have a range of 5185 kilometers at an economic speed of 10 knots and a range of 1852 kilometers at a maximum speed of 35 knots.

NGMVs will be outfitted with eight surface-to-surface missiles (SSM), most likely it will be BrahMos Cruise missiles, as well as a DRDO developed Vertical Launch – Short Range Surface to Air Missile, or VL-SRSAM, which will provide credible near 360-degree anti-missile defence (AMD) coverage to the ship against subsonic cruise missiles to supersonic cruise missiles.

NGMVs will be capable of conducting Maritime Strike Operations, Anti Surface Warfare Operations, and will be a powerful tool for sea denial for enemy ships, particularly at choke points. The NGMV will sit right below Kamorta-class corvette which even though has a bigger displacement but are not integrated with BrahMos.

If Cochin Shipyard Ltd plays its cards correctly, it may become the next big thing in the export market, as many smaller countries would like to have ships like the NGMV that can be integrated with Cruise missile such has BrahMos that can sink ships that have 3-4 times more displacement. NGMV due to BrahMos allows it to punch above its weight and take on bigger Naval ships that what many smaller Navy’s are eyeing for.

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