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Brazilian Navy is on its way to becoming the seventh Navy in the world that has Nuclear powered submarine by the turn of this decade as it has started developing a 6000-ton nuclear-powered attack submarine, called Álvaro Alberto which is based on the French developed Scorpène-class submarine.

The Brazilian Navy only last year commissioned its first Scorpène-class attack submarine in Itaguaí, Rio de Janeiro. Both Indian and Brazilian Scorpène-class attack submarine has the same baseline design while they might defer internally it has nearly the same displacement of 1900 tons submerged.

French Naval Group that has helped Brazilian state-owned Itaguaí Construções Navais (ICN) in carrying out feasibility studies of converting existing 2000-ton Scorpène-class submarine design into a 6000-ton attack submarine without minor changes to its propeller sections and incorporating a 48W Pressurized water reactor in the submarine hull only confirms that the submarine design is expandable and India can work both on Kalveri Class successor and Nuclear attack submarine in collaboration with French Naval Group.

Indian Navy at a point in time seemed interested in the development of the Super Kalveri Class program which was a 3000-ton extended Scorpène-class submarine design that could have incorporated a Vertical Launch System (VLS) for Submarine-launched Cruise Missiles like BrahMos and Nirbhay. Top brass in Indian Navy to not kill the Project-75i program seems to have put it under the backburner as many had backed developing Super Kalveri Class submarines since it was very much technically and commercially feasible.

Indian Navy could have also adopted a 6000-ton expanded design for Project 75 Alpha program under which it wants to develop six nuclear attack submarines for the Indian Navy. Indian Navy instead is interested in let go of the Transfer of Technology that it has acquired and paid for and losing trained manpower also in the process of making these submarines in the country.

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