Israeli I-Derby ER BVRAAMs on Captive Trials with su-30MKI

Indian Air Force will soon arm its Russian-developed Su-30MKI fighter jet squadrons with a deadly long-range derivate of the Israeli Derby BVR Air-to-Air Missile with Active Radar seeker as its captive flight trial near completion. I-Derby ER powered by a dual-pulse rocket motor can engage aerial targets in a range exceeding 100Km (140km ).

I-Derby ER contains electronic counter-countermeasures (ECCM) designed to deal with the challenges of aerial combat in a hostile environment with exceptional operational flexibility and already has been cleared for operations on India’s LCA-Tejas Mk1 Platform.

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German shipbuilder ThyssenKrupp Marine Systems (TKMS) had withdrawn from the Indian Navy’s tender for the construction of six diesel-electric submarines due to stringent rules regarding liabilities laws in the contract might be making a come back after India withdrew some of the liabilities clauses that could have made foreign company responsible for the job done by its strategic partner in the country.

India already has extended the bid date by another six months after only Korean and Spanish shipyard offered their submarine design to meet the Indian Navy’s requirements for six next-generation submarines, this one change might now clear the way for the Germans to come back in the race but it will not be easy for Russians and French shipbuilders since Navy is still adamant that only ships with proven Air-independent propulsion (AIP) system will meet technical criteria.

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It Amazes me that the top brass of the Indian Air Force confirm to the national media that even 13 years in the future, IAF will be no way near its sanctioned 42 squadron strength. With the current pace of induction and retirements, the Indian Air Force can only get a maximum of 35 squadrons in the next 10 years, up from the current 31-32. IAF as per its assessment had called the need for having 42 squadrons to protect the western and northern borders with Pakistan and China.

Even to achieve 35 Squadrons by 2035, IAF will need to induct 83 Light Combat aircraft MK1A, 114 MRFA, 106 Tejas Mk2, and at least 40 Advanced Medium Combat Aircraft. Any deviation from these plans means IAF will be short by another 4-5 Squadrons which will mean 200 combat jets less in inventory and what’s scarier is that IAF Top brass doesn’t seem to mind having such levels of squadrons to face possible two-front war scenario.

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 A Pakistan Navy warship crossed the maritime boundary line off the coast of Gujarat and entered Indian waters but was detected and forced to retreat by an Indian Coast Guard Dornier maritime surveillance aircraft.

The action took place on the high seas at the peak of the Monsoon season in the first half of July when Pakistan Navy Ship Alamgir moved from its side to Indian waters across the maritime boundary line between the two countries, Government sources told ANI.

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US naval ship Charles Drew docked at Larsen & Toubro’s shipyard at Kattupalli in Chennai on Sunday for undertaking repairs and allied services, in the first such visit to India by an American vessel. The Defence Ministry described it as a “huge boost” to ‘Make in India’ and said the visit added a new dimension to the burgeoning Indo-US strategic partnership.

“This is the first ever repair of a US Navy ship in India. The US Navy had awarded a contract to L&T’s Shipyard at Kattupalli for undertaking maintenance of the ship,” the ministry said in a statement.

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After getting banned by Wikipedia as an acceptable source for citation, the Daily Mail, which happens to be the UK’s highest circulated daily newspaper, has found an unexpected territory where it’s no more welcomed – India.

The Mail joins the club of over 5,000 websites that have been blocked by Indian ISPs. Most website bans are never publicly announced or acknowledged by either the Indian government or any of the ISPs who blacklist the DNS addresses of these websites to restrict access.

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The precision strike against Ayman al-Zawahiri will have far reaching implications for India. Indeed, the eliminated Al-Qaeda Emir’s gaze had already been on India ever since 3 October 2014 when he proclaimed the formation of

the Al-Qaeda in the Indian subcontinent. The ‘shadow of Zawahiri’ had encompassed the Rakhine province of Myanmar, Bangladesh, West Bengal and most of Assam. Moreover, Zawahiri had made controversial statements when the Hijab controversy broke in Karnataka. Although the recent arrests of several cadres of the Al-Qaeda affiliated Ansarullah Bangla Team from different places in Assam has not come as a surprise, the matter of concern is the state’s inability to fathom the extent to which the radicalisation efforts have taken place.

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Deception in wars is an old strategy or tactics. Since human beings began to use sticks and fire, one group has always tried to find a way to deceive the other to turn the tide in its favour. History provides several examples when deception was used to disorient adversaries either at strategic or tactical levels. Both Chanakya and Sun Tzu as great military philosophers have highlighted the utility of this element: while Chanakya was more inclined to use it to avoid wars, Sun Tzu was willing to wage wars to achieve the objective. Sun Tzu’s statement that ‘all warfare is based on deception’ is very well known.

Deception forms the basis of the element of surprise- a well-known principle of war. The basis of deception is to create and use techniques that are unexpected, uncalculated, and unusual. Deceptions can involve false manoeuvres, feigned attacks, misleading orders of battle, placing dummies and creation of deceiving indications of strength or weakness in attempts to influence an enemy’s actions. Deception can strengthen an offensive or weaken an enemy’s defence.

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The 75th anniversary of Independence is a good occasion to reflect upon the wars and conflicts that were thrust upon India, their enduring significance for the country and how these have shaped the geopolitical contours of the region. What stood out in all these conflicts was the exceptional role played by India’s armed forces and the many acts of valour, often beyond the call of duty.

These conflicts also brought to the fore the benchmarks that would define India’s boundary-related decisions in its neighbourhood, such as the near permanence of the boundary lines between India and Pakistan (like the Ceasefire Line, now the LoC) and between China and India (like the LAC and the McMahon Line). How these came to be needs to be recalled.

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Last month, India formally commenced cooperation with the Bahrain-based multilateral partnership, Combined Maritime Forces (CMF). However, the modalities of the exact nature of cooperation are being worked out, according to official sources.

At the India-US 2+2 in April this year, India had announced that it would join the CMF as an Associate Partner, which Defence Minister Rajnath Singh had then said will strengthen cooperation in regional security in the Western Indian Ocean. Joining the CMF is the latest in a series of multilateral engagements by the Indian Navy as part of India’s widening military diplomacy.

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In December 2021, Lt. Cdr Vivek Chaudhary (retired) became the first former submariner from the Indian Navy to become a commercial pilot — a feat that has earned him a place in the Asia Book of Records. On Wednesday, the former naval officer, who achieved the title of the “Grandmaster” after he became the “first submariner in the world” to become a pilot, was felicitated for his accomplishment by the Chief of Naval Staff Admiral R. Hari Kumar.

“This Dolphin is now flying the skies”, Chaudhary told ThePrint. Submariners in the Indian Navy are often referred to as Dolphins because of their insignia.

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The Ministry of Transport and Civil Aviation said once-a-week flights from Kabul to Delhi on Fridays have begun, and flights to Urumqi, China will begin in two weeks. “The flights to Delhi have started again, Ariana Afghan Airline company will have one flight a week on Fridays. And as the passengers increase, the flights will increase.” said: Imamuddin Ahmadi, spokesman for the Ministry of Transport and Civil Aviation,

Meanwhile, India is expected to start the visa issuance process for Afghan citizens. Indian aviation companies are expected to begin flights to Afghanistan. Airplanes that travel to India will not only transfer passengers but will also transport commercial goods.

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Superstar Mohanlal has expressed his gratitude after he visited Vikrant, the country’s first indigenously built aircraft carrier. The 62-year-old actor visited the soon-to-be-commissioned aircraft carrier with filmmaker Major Ravi on Thursday.

Mohanlal shared photos from his visit to the aircraft on Twitter Saturday and called it a “true engineering marvel”. “Honoured to be onboard India’s 1st Indigenous Aircraft Carrier (IAC), soon to be commissioned as Vikrant, built in Cochin Shipyard Ltd, Kerala. She is a true engineering marvel that further fortifies @indiannavy and showcases India’s shipbuilding capabilities.

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Security forces on Sunday arrested a ‘hybrid terrorist’ of Lashkar-e-Taiba in Jammu and Kashmir’s Srinagar, police said. Arms and ammunition were recovered from the arrested terrorist, they said.

“On a specific information, one Hybrid terrorist of LeT namely Arshid Ahmad Bhat s/o Abdul Kareem Bhat R/o Sangam Budgam arrested by a joint team of Srinagar Police & 2RR at Lawaypura,” the Srinagar police said in a tweet.

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Indian Army Staff Chief General Manoj Pande on Thursday held a video telephonic interaction with South Korean counterpart Jeong Hwan and discussed steps to enhance bilateral defence ties between the two countries, Trend reports citing ThePrint.

“Chief of the Army Staff, General Manoj Pande had a video telephonic interaction with General Park, Jeong Hwan, Chief of Staff, the Republic of Korea Army and discussed steps to enhance bilateral defence ties between the two Nations,” Indian Army tweeted.

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