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Union Defence Minister Rajnath Singh recently spoke to Jeong Kyeong-Doo, Minister of National Defence, Republic of Korea, over phone yesterday. During the conversation, the ministers reviewed the progress on various bilateral defence cooperation initiatives and expressed commitment to further promote defence cooperation engagements between the two armed forces. Doo urged Singh to conclude the deal for the South Korean made K-30 Biho anti-aircraft system which Indian Army had selected in 2018.

The contract has been stuck after Russia filed objections and claimed the Indian Army did not properly test its weapon system and showed favoritism towards the South Korean anti-aircraft system, Hence requested to re-start the bidding process. According to media reports, two separate systems offered by Russia included upgraded Tunguska M1 and Pantsir missile systems which both failed tests, with the most critical being mobility trials where they could not perform as per the requirements. Continue reading


IAF has taken deliveries of All 22 Apache Helicopters after five Apache helicopters which got delayed due to COVID situation have reached India and have been assembled and flown to forward bases at Pathankot and Jorhat air stations. Boeing will deliver six Apache Helicopters meant for the Indian Army in 2023 but both in terms of capabilities IAF and Indian Army version will be identical since it was procured as follow on order from the original deal for 22 which was signed in 2015.

Army has decided to go with a different color scheme and will move away from light blue livery  seen in the IAF version. Indian Army is keen to acquire 5 more Apache Helicopters under the original contract at the same price since the original contract had follow on order option for 11 helicopters. Continue reading


India and the Philippines are in talks for the purchase of several defence platforms from India including the Brahmos missile and according to Philippines media and Indian, both have moved past price negotiation talks for the BrahMos cruise missile jointly developed by India and Russia and intend to conclude a deal in Q3 of 2020 for Truck Based BrahMos Batteries for coastal defence.

Informed sources close to have told that Indonesia is also in the early stages of exploring the procurement of the BrahMos missiles from India along with Vietnam and Thailand. Continue reading


Russia’s Industry and Trade Minister Denis Manturov said in April that Russia was planning to start work with foreign customers of the Armata tank in 2021 and had already received several prior requests from current T-90/T-72 Main Battle Tank operators who are keen on acquiring latest next-generation Main Battle Tank from Russia.

T-90/T-72 Main Battle Tank operators like India were first to be offered the new tank as per Russian media and several countries have shown interest in acquiring them from Russia, but there has been no confirmation if the Indian Army has shown similar interests in the platform. Continue reading


According to Defence analysts, Saurav Jha. Indian Army has plans to soon place orders for 2 Akash 1S regiments – approximately 2,000 missiles – worth over ?14,000 crores ($3.1 billion). Akash-1S is a medium-range Surface to Air Missile with multitarget engagement capability and comes with an indigenously developed seeker for much more effective Target engagement in Kill Zone.

Bharat Dynamics Limited (BDL) which is the Production house for manufacturing Akash surface-to-air missile system for Indian Army and Indian Air Force already has secured license & tech transfer agreements for the indigenous seeker from DRDO and the missile system already has completed its developmental trials where it has demonstrated its capabilities by successfully engaging various targets. BDL has production capabilities of 100 Akash Missiles per month and Akash 1S with Seeker has seen particular interests from Vietnam which is in talks with India for its export and local manufacturing in the country. Continue reading


Strike optimized and latest variant of the F-15E Strike Eagle multirole fighter, F-15EX from Boeing has been offered to India which was confirmed earlier this year and now media reports confirm that state-owned Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL) and Mahindra Defence have also been roped in as Partners if F-15EX is selected by Indian Air Force (IAF) for its requirement of 114 fighter jets in latest Tender.

Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL) and Mahindra Defence are also partners in F-18 E/F Block-III fighter jet which is also on offer to IAF by Boeing. F-15EX is from Heavyweight class Fighter like Sukhoi Su-30MKI but it was offered to India in response to Russia being allowed to offer India for the first time Sukhoi Su-35 which too belongs to the same class as F-15EX. Continue reading


Sardar Masood Khan, Puppet President of Pakistan Occupied Kashmir (POK), said here on Friday that the Bharatiya Janata Party along with the Indian forces and intelligence agencies are planning to settle nearly 20 lakhs Hindu in Kashmir Valley in next 2 years while speaking to the Pakistani Media on the issue of India issuing 25000 Domicile certificate to people who have lived in the state for more than 15 years.

Khan goes on and also claims that people from UP, Bihar, and Maharashtra which are India’s high population areas are being promised government jobs and free land to settle in Kashmir valley to change the demography of the region. Pakistani propaganda on India issuing 25000 Domicile certificate has been picked up by many Islamist International media has evidence of India altering the demography of the Kashmir Valley even though Domicile laws clearly states that it requires nearly 15 years of living in Kashmir for one to apply and the majority of the cases are of those who already have requirements. Continue reading


Godrej Aerospace announced that company manufactured actuators for LCA-Tejas were successfully tested across all altitudes and speeds of operations on 28th May 2020 and now they have been cleared for production by the ADA and HAL. Actuators were originally designed and manufactured by ADA/DRDO earlier but as production is ramped up, it was decided that Private defence sector companies like Godrej Aerospace will take over the manufacturing of them.

State-owned defence manufacturer Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd already has significantly increased the involvement of private companies in manufacturing Tejas combat jets and has already roped in private players to make key components for LCA-Tejas Mk1 and Mk1A fighter jet when they enter production. Continue reading



Recent clearance by Defence Acquisition Council for procurement of 248 Astra Mk1 Beyond Visual Range Air to Air Missile (BVRAAM) for the first time has confirmed that next fighter jet which will get the new BVRAAM will be Mig-29UPG fleet and Mig-29K as India slowly moves to integrate indigenous Astra BVRAAM into the entire fleet of fighter jets.

The first lot of 50 pre-production Astra Mk1 BVRAAM already has been delivered to IAF, which will be integrated into existing Su-30MKI fleet and another 100 will go to Mig-29UPG which after avionics upgrade and HAL developed Mission Computer will be next to get software upgrade patch for Astra Mk1 integration with the Zhuk-ME electronically scanned slotted planar array radar. Mig-29UPG also got engine improvements and an expanded capability to conduct air-to-ground missions,which also feature an enlarged “hump” behind the cockpit, for  extra fuel. Continue reading


                         REPRESENTATIONAL IMAGE

Indian Ministry of Defence has cleared the proposed development of Long-Range Land Attack Cruise Missile (LRLACM) for Ship launched cruise missile for Land-based strikes for the Indian Navy which will also be adopted later for the Air force and Army variant with a range of 1000 km, just like Nirbhay Cruise missile with a hint of BrahMos speed.

Nirbhay Cruise missile program has been officially closed but the technology of seeker and booster propulsion will be carried on the LRLACM program too which includes Small Turbofan Engines (STFE) or the Manik turbofan engine for the second stage propulsion which is near identical to what now scrapped Nirbhay Cruise missile had to offer but this is where it gets interesting and separates Nirbhay from LRLACM. Continue reading


Ilya Tarasenko, CEO, MiG Corporation has confirmed that talks to sell 21 unused airframes to India is underway and has been fast-tracked under request from India recently, as both sides work to conclude a contract for the sale of currently under storage airframes of the Mig-29s and UPG Upgrade Kits to make them same as the current upgraded fleet of MiG-29UPG in Indian Air Force.

Airframes manufactured for a certain export customer were put on cold storage at various facilities of the MiG Corporation after the deal collapsed nearly 20 years ago. Complete fuselage along with wings and other airframes have been inspected by IAF Team last year and was reported back that indeed airframes have been unused and can be used to integrate into a new fighter jet back home. Continue reading


Lt Gen (R) Amjad Shoaib Pakistani War Veteran of 65 and 71 war with India and a prominent face in Pakistani media who has been sanctioned by notorious Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) intelligence agency of Pakistan to participate in media debates has branded a section of Kashmir’s as Traitors who are damaging the cause of the Kashmir freedom movement by giving off the information on the movement of Terrorist to Indian Army which is resulting in frequent encounters with the security forces.

Shoaib alleged that frequent encounters by the Indian Army in the Kashmir Valley suggest that the Indian Army has gained upper hand in Human intelligence due to which frequency of encounters have gone up in the last three months where more than 100+ terrorists have been killed. Shoaib also alleged that not only Kashmir’s give info about movement but also pinpoint house or location where they are hiding due to which Army has enough time to plan and execute a successful encounter and make sure that area is cordoned off to reduce civilian casualties. Continue reading


Indian Army has placed orders for 1000+ for FN SCAR-H STD 7.62x51mm NATO/.308 Win caliber assault rifle from Belgian firearms company FN Herstal which has a manufacturing unit in the United States for Para (Special Forces) under Foreign Military Sales (FMS) program with the US administration. FN SCAR-H assault rifle was developed by FN Herstal for United States Special Operations Command and is known as Special forces go to assault rifle which is very effective against in Jungle War conditions.

FN SCAR-H can fire all types of 7.62mm ammunition and are made of special polymers and aluminum which makes the guns incredibly light with features like foldable buttstock and can be equipped with the FN40GL 40mm grenade launcher. Continue reading


R Madhavan, Chairman and Managing Director of Government-owned Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd (HAL) while speaking to, has said that countries first 5th generation fighter jet aircraft which is yet to be officially granted government funds will be ready for first flight in 2027 and before that a new Joint venture company will be formed between ADA, HAL and a new partner from Private defense sector company which will establish a new production line for the jet in the Defense Production Corridors to be set up in Tamil Nadu.

ADA will be the Nodal design agency under DRDO and HAL and a selected private sector company will be incharge of the production which will be listed to manufacture AMCA jets from TD (Technology Demonstrator ) stage to Prototype stage. has been informed in the past that under new Jv, No company will have majority share and HAL role will be that of the lead integrator which will oversee work done by the private supply chain and selected private player. Continue reading


IDF (Israel Defense Forces) owned Barak-8 medium-range surface-to-air missile system will be loaned to India on emergency requests for immediate deployment in the Ladakh region after India recently moved in short-range Israel’s SPYDER air defense system and Indian-made Akash SAM systems due to hectic PLAAF Helicopter and fighter jet movement in the region closer to LAC and after reports that PLA also has moved in some of the Air Defense systems in the region.

Barak 8 is an advanced LRSAM naval air-defense system jointly developed by India’s Defense Research and Development Organization (DRDO) in close collaboration with Israel’s IAI’s subsidiary ELTA, as well as Rafael Advanced Defense Systems. While the Indian Navy already has inducted ship-based version of the missiles which are active on three Kolkata-class stealth guided-missile destroyers but the land version of the same missile system for Air Force and Army are yet to be fully inducted. Continue reading

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