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In 2012, in April 8 years ago, India had shocked the world by testing Agni-V and entering into elite ICBM Club with its range of over 5500km bringing all of China and much more within its strike envelope. Test placed India with a 5-member ICBM club which consists then of USA, Russia, China, France, and the UK.

Ability to strike targets in most of the Asia and European nations meant that many countries were nervous of the India newfound capabilities but harsh or severe critical criticism of the test never came from the western and European countries and even Chinese officials downplayed testing of Agni-V and called India a ” Partner” in the region. Continue reading


In the latest edition of the Pakistan Army’s Green Book 2020, In an essay written by Dr. Maria Sultan where she has confirmed what was reported on Indian media post-capture of Wing Commander Abhinandan Varthaman that India had deputed Surface to Surface missiles and had threatened to escalate the situation if the Mig-21 Pilot was not returned to India.

Varthaman who was in Pakistani custody for 60 hours and according to Indian media reports, India’s External Intelligence agency Research and Analysis Wing had called up his Pakistani counterparts in Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) and had warned about retaliation if the Abhinandan was not handed over to India soon. Continue reading


The latest edition of the Pakistan Army’s Green Book 2020, a prestigious internal publication with essays by serving officers, suggested that the Pakistani military will accept no less than ” Chenab Formula ” to settle Kashmir dispute with India where India is left with only approximately 3,000 square miles of territory out of 84,000 square miles.

This formula first suggested in the 1960s according to this formula proposed Kashmir will be a divide along the line of the River Chenab. This would give the vast majority of the land to Pakistan and, as such, a clear victory in its longstanding dispute with India. The entire valley with its Muslim majority population would be brought within Pakistan’s borders, as well as the majority Muslim areas of Jammu. Continue reading


The latest edition of the Pakistan Army’s Green Book 2020, a prestigious internal publication with essays by serving officers, suggested that Pakistani military should take it upon itself to reach to Indian citizens in masses to highlight actions of the Indian Army in Kashmir though imminent people India.

In simple military language, it advocates Pakistan backing Psychological Warfare in India using propaganda against the Indian Army so that it reaches its masses and most likely what it means by actions in Kashmir is that it wants voice inside India to oppose actions of its Army to create demotivational force in Kashmir. Continue reading


Unofficial rendering of India’s proposed 5th Generation AMCA fighter program one by Kuntal Biswas shows unique capabilities of the jet which is yet to come out in official channels. AMCA rendering features a diverterless supersonic inlet (DSI) air intake which also incorporates a 3D “bump” in front of the intake which has been confirmed by Aeronautical Development Agency (ADA) but yet to be seen in official rendering and scale model.

The final design of AMCA was to be frozen by mid of this year and Vem Technologies Private Limited from Hyderabad being tasked to develop a 1:1 scale model of the AMCA for RCS testing along with a ground testing aircraft for stress and vibration tests. Continue reading


India has been cleared to acquire Integrated Air Defense Weapon System (IADWS) which is the advanced form of National Advanced Surface to Air Missile System (NASAMS-II) along with it will it India has been cleared to get two main and important weapons system in the package that are 118 AIM-120C-7 and AIM-120C-8 missiles which are latest Beyond Visual range Air-to-Air missile with no external changes then what is used on fighter jets.

LCA-Tejas Mk1A will be getting India’s Astra Mk1 BVRAAM which according to developers of the missile system is comparable to the AIM-120C-5 which is used by Pakistani Air Force F-16 fleet in terms of range and technical specifications. Continue reading


India recently concluded a deal worth $930 million for the purchase of 6 AH-64 Apache combat helicopters through U.S. Department of Defense’s Foreign Military Sales (FMS) route for the Indian Army Aviation Corps (AAC) after a long bitter turf war between Indian Air Force (IAF) and AAC over control of the combat helicopters which has the intended role to provide air support to the Army’s Strike Corps.

Since the orders for Six New AH-64, Apache combat helicopters are technically the same as 22 procured for the IAF and was brought by evoking the follow on-option of original order contracted in 2015 for the IAF. AAC was allowed to procure and keep Six follow on-option AH-64 Apache combat helicopters in 2017 and AAC now has plans to make a case for more 39 Apache Gunships due to IAF not agreeing to transfer 22 combat gunships which are already has been procured. Continue reading


Since 2011, Japan has been moving towards to build a 5th generation fighter jet which resulted in a demonstration program called ATD-X, which will be used to develop an F-3 Stealth Fighter which will have a requirement of nearly 250 jets from the Air Self-Defense Force of Japan while it continues to debate on the final configuration of the jet even though it has inducted American 5th Generation fighter jet-like F-35.

Recently the Japanese defense ministry was in discussion to allow the export of these jets and also find a possible launch partner in the program who can assist and also be a prospective customer for the jet. Japanese want a jet that is superior to F-35 in terms of its combat abilities and payload carrying capacity which means they are looking at a jet that has MTOW of over 30000 kg so that it can not only replace its F-2 fleet in future but also its F-15 fleet. Continue reading


In the mid-’80s, China for the first time began to design and development of a medium-class fighter jet of 4th generation caliber with massive design influence coming from the Israeli Lavi program which was abandoned. China before J-10 program had developed many Russian reversed engineered fighter jets like F-6, F-7, and J-8 in massive numbers with many improvement variants of it but all were light-class fighter jets .

J-10 was first such attempt by China to avoid soviet design influence and thanks to Israel which probably sold full design blueprint to China for peanuts, China finally was able to develop a fighter jet initially with Russian technology but was able to replace most of it with local technology over the years and according to Chinese media, nearly 400 J-10s have been built over the years in A, B and C Variants, while it also made an entire fleet of Soviet-influenced reversed copies of Sukhoi-27 and Su-30. Continue reading


Pakistan has won Afghanistan for Taliban and its time to return the favor it owes to the Pakistani military which not only safeguarded them in Peshawar all this year but also ensured that senior-most rank of Afghan Taliban survived long enough to take over the country again to gain back strategy backyard for the Pakistani military which for long has used Taliban controlled Afghan areas as training grounds for its Proxy war in Kashmir region against India.

Recent raids by Afghan forces in Taliban dominated areas and surprising catch of Kashmir bound Terror recruits have come has a nightmare of the Indian Intelligence community. Pakistan which is desperate to rake up Kashmir issue has activated terror camps even when American forces are yet to completely move out from the region and Taliban yet to get complete control over Kabul. Continue reading


Harsh Varshan Thakur who is Test Pilot with India’s State-owned aerospace and defence company Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL), recently explained on Twitter, why LCA-Tejas which was engineered to fly at 1.8M has been tested till 1.6M and why it will never be cleared to Pilots to fly beyond that. This particular query how SAAB’s Gripen has 2.0M speed while using the same GE’s F-404 engine India’s LCA-Tejas max speed is limited to only 1.8M prompted his response.

Thakur explains that simple pilot type intake design used on LCA-Tejas is what prevents LCA-Tejas to have engineered speed of 2.0M while to achieve this speeds, LCA air intakes could have to re-done and also employ intakes cones as seen in Mirage-2000 and Mig-21 which moves move in or out of the intakes to maintain the shockwave in its the proper position, ahead of the first stage of the engine and need to be adjusted by the pilot. Continue reading


A recent military raid by Afghan forces in one of the Taliban Camp in Momand Dara district in the east of Nangarhar Province, Afghanistan, bordering Pakistan what Indian intelligence agencies have been fearing for a while now Pakistan’s notorious Inter-Services Intelligence had resumed training of Pakistani bound for Kashmir and with the return of Taliban back in power in war-torn Afghanistan after a peace deal with United states it also looks like Pakistan has got back its training areas for its Jihad against India like seen in the ’90s.

Since 1989, the Indian area of Kashmir has experienced extensive terrorism by terrorists and many Kashmiris have several times slipped across the border from Pakistan to try to undermine Indian control over Kashmir ever since and the worst phase was in the ’90s when Kashmir Valley had over 2000 terrorists in operation compared to barely 200-300 now. Continue reading


Its high time that India ditches the SARAS, a white elephant which is the NAL built SARAS plane, whose Mk1 isa 14-seater with numerous defects and an under powered engine, and has been under development since the past nearly 3 decades. Most importantly it being developed and manufactured by NAL research lab with no expertise in manufacturing planes nor any capacity series produce planes. If ever Saras goes into series production, which is highly unlikely it will have to be done by HAL only.

Now it has come to light that a SARAS Mk2 being developed with a better performance engine and 19-seater capacity, Does that number ring a bell? yes it is the same capacity as Dornier 228 being built by HAL under full TOT from Dornier/RUAG/Fairchild. Now question is, Continue reading


The International Monetary Fund (IMF) on Tuesday slashed its FY21 growth projection for India to 1.9%, India along with China were only economies which were in Green and were not in Red with negative growth, IMF report projected that India’s growth will be back to near 7% for 2022 after Pandemic is over but that still puts a big question mark if India will be in a position to acquire new big-ticket items like 114 fighter jets under its MMRCA program worth $30 Billion.

India still needs to make payments to many big tickets weapons purchase it has made in recent years as seen in most of the cases, payments are made in blocks over the years so, in 2020 and 2021, India will be making purchase payments to previous orders when economic disruption has projected poor economic activity for next few months or even years. Continue reading


The government of India issued a notification on April 1 changing the decades-old domicile law of the region which was quick to be slammed by Hardliner Kashmiri separatists and Pakistani Government along with its Army and almost all Arab and liberal media who are already calling recent moves buy the Delhi as “Palestine in the making” to change 97 % Muslim majority demography of the Union territory into Hindu majority area.

New Domicile law for Jammu & Kashmir entitles anyone who has stayed in the region for 15 years to domicile status, 10 years for central government officials and their children and seven for high school students. But new Domicile law also has been slammed by the unlikely corner that is Indian Right-wingers who see this new law has self-imposed handicap after getting rid of Article 370. Continue reading