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Philippines: Philippine President Rodrigo Dutertesaid Sunday that his militarily inferior country can’t stop China’s actions in contested waters, responding to a reported plan by Beijing to construct an environmental monitoring station in a disputed shoal off the northwestern Philippines.

Duterte, however, warned that he would invoke a July 12 arbitration ruling that invalidated China’s territorial claims in the South China Sea if the Chinese “start to tinker with the entitlement,” apparently meaning when Beijing starts to tap the offshore area’s resources. Continue reading


A concept being developed would use parachutes to slow down first stages after separation, then deploy an airbag to cushion the stage’s landing on dry land.

Chinese researchers said they looked into making a powered landing of the first stage, as SpaceX does with the Falcon 9, but concluded it was “extremely difficult” and inefficient. Continue reading

SOURCE:  IHS Jane’s Defence Weekly

On 15 March Ukrainian president Petro Poroshenko announced that the country’s defence industry will develop its own twin-engine, multirole fighter. The announcement was made during Poroshenko’s visit to the Ivchenko-Progress engine design bureau located in the southern Ukrainian city of Zaparozhe. This facility is also co-located with one of the largest aero-engine assembly sites in all of the former Soviet Union: the Motor Sich production plant.

Ukrainian aeronautical design teams have already produced what has been described as a “sketch outline” of a platform for a new fighter, which has been given the programme name of Legkiy Boiviy Litak, which is Ukrainian for “Lightweight Combat Aircraft” and abbreviated as LBL. The aircraft is supposed to bear a strong resemblance to the Soviet-designed Mikoyan MiG-29 in its external appearance, but the aircraft’s onboard systems will be of non-Russian origin. Continue reading


More than 30 terrorists and nine security personnel have been killed in Pakistan since the army launched a major operation last month, the military said on Friday.The military announced on February 22 the start of the countrywide operation codenamed “Radd-ul-Fasaad” (Reject Discord) after a series of terrorist attacks killed over 100 people in the country.

According to the army’s Inter-Service Public Relations, the security forces also foiled a number of terrorist attacks during the operation, which still continues across the country. Continue reading


Base Infrastructure

As could be expected, Yulin-East is positively crawling with logistical infrastructure. The geographic layout and quantity of these roadways, pipelines, radio towers, and tunnels serve as indicators of the base’s intended purpose and importance. The nearly dozen tunnel entrances to Yulin-East’s granite mountain bespeak not only redundancy, but size of the underground structure and the value of ensuring supply lines for the submarines inside. The use of a tram to schlep supplies into the mountain indicates that China plans to transport more material than a convoy of trucks could accommodate alone. Continue reading


China is taking a page from the Pentagon’s playbook under the Obama administration: it’s partnering with tech companies to develop more cutting-edge weapons. But China’s innovation-focused strategy could elevate the espionage risk to the U.S.Ironically, this new threat emerges as the Trump administration is expected to slow its outreach to the tech firms.

Over the weekend, Chinese President Xi Jinping made an address to the country’s national legislature where he urged the People’s Liberation Army “to speed up” the application of advanced technologies, according to the Chinese military’s official web portal. Jinping sees “integrated military and civilian development” as one of the drivers of science-tech innovation and key to upgrading China’s military capabilities.

Continue reading


The U.S. and its Asia-Pacific allies are rolling out their new stealth fighter jet, a cutting-edge plane that costs about $100 million each.The U.S. Air Force this week hosted allies and partners in Hawaii for a symposium on the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter, which can sneak undetected behind enemy radar.

Brig. Gen. Craig Wills, the strategic plans director at Pacific Air Forces, said the U.S. wanted to share its experiences with the F-35 and F-22, another stealth fighter, with allies and partners so they wouldn’t have to learn everything on their own. Continue reading


China and Pakistan have discussed co-producing ballistic missiles and advanced military aircraft as the new Pakistani Army Chief made his first visit to China, State media reported.This comes barely months after Beijing blasted India’s development of ballistic missiles and slammed the fourth test of Agni V as a violation of UN Security Council resolutions.

After the Agni test Beijing invoked the 1998 UN Security Council Resolution 1172, a non-binding resolution that called on India and Pakistan, after their nuclear tests, to also cease tests of ballistic missiles capable of carrying nuclear warheads Continue reading


At least one paramilitary soldier was killed and two others injured on Friday in twin suicide attacks on a Frontier Constabulary Centre in Shabqadar.The FC centre is located in the Ayesha Korona area of Charsadda district on the confluence of Mohammad Agency.

The Express Tribune quoted DPO Charsadda Sohail Khalid as saying that two suicide bombers were killed during the attack. Continue reading


                           Zarb AShM basically Is Cheeni Maal C-602

Pakistan Navy said on?Thursday it conducted a successful test of a new land-based anti-ship missile, bolstering its operational reach to launch long- range, anti-ship missiles from land.The trial of the missile was conducted from the coastal region and the missile secured a hit on a target placed at sea, a press release from the Navy said.

The missile is equipped with advanced technology and avionics, which enable engagement of targets at sea with a high degree of accuracy. Continue reading


Premier Li Keqiang struck an optimistic tone on China’s relations with the United States and at the same time said Beijing did not want the Association of South-east Asian Nations (Asean) to feel compelled about having to choose between the two superpowers.

The world’s two biggest economies share extensive common interests on jobs, foreign exchange and security, Mr Li said at a press conference after the close of the annual National People’s Congress yesterday.

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SOURCE: Hindustan Times

The Pakistan Army will send a brigade of combat troops to Saudi Arabia to strengthen defences along the kingdom’s vulnerable southern border in the face of threats from the Islamic State and Houthi rebels, according to media reports.

Following discussions with Saudi Arabia, Pakistan plans to send the brigade in response to a request from Riyadh, which “wants the troops as an emergency response force”, The National reported.The brigade will be based in southern Saudi Arabia and will be deployed inside its borders to thwart possible attacks by Yemen’s Houthi rebels, Middle East Eye quoted its sources as saying. “It will not be used beyond Saudi borders,” one source said. Continue reading


Myanmar may be seeking to “expel” all ethnic Rohingya from its territory, a UN rights expert said today, pushing for a high-level inquiry into abuses against the Muslim minority community.

The United Nations special rapporteur on human rights in Myanmar, Yanghee Lee, said a full purge could be the ultimate goal of the institutional persecution and horrific violence being perpetrated against the Rohingya. Continue reading

SOURCE: Daily Maverick

“Financial discipline is being brought in. We are freeing exchange controls. We have embraced the IMF, and allowed easier trading. The government is putting non-strategic investments in State-Owned Enterprises on the market, as part of our need to reduce our debts. We are also,” says Sri Lanka’s Finance Minister Ravi Karunanayake, “aiming to improve our revenue, with higher tax compliance, and a bigger base.”

“Our country,” he emphasises, “is taking a new path.” Continue reading


China is set to increase the number of its marine corps from 20,000 to one lakh as part of plans to deploy them overseas for the first time, including at the strategic Gwadar port in Pakistan and military logistics base in Djibouti in the Indian Ocean.

The expansion is planned to protect China’s maritime lifelines and its growing interests overseas, Hong-Kong based South China Morning Post reported today.Some members would be stationed at ports China operates in Djibouti and Gwadar in southwest Pakistan, Chinese military insiders and experts were quoted as saying. Continue reading

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