In just one day, the suggestions have been pouring in: “Kraken” for a new underwater drone capable of blasting coastlines with a powerful nuclear explosion. “Balalaika” for a futuristic nuclear-powered cruise missile capable of circling the globe.

Russians are showering the Defense Ministry with proposed names for the country’s new nuclear weapons, relishing the online contest announced by President Vladimir Putin in his state-of-the-nation address Thursday. Continue reading


Russia’s United Aircraft Corporation said it is ready to develop a new version of the Su-57 multirole fighter for Russia’s anticipated new aircraft carrier. The company representative said the carrier version of the plane must be developed in conjunction with the carrier’s systems.

Though it has not yet received the order from Russia’s Ministry of Defense, the United Aircraft Corporation (UAC) is ready to develop the carrier version of the Su-57, formerly known as the T-50, says chief designer Sergey Korotkov. Continue reading


Three decades after the end of the Cold War, the world is still awash in nuclear weapons. The “nuclear club” — which includes the United States, Russia, the United Kingdom, France, China, India, Pakistan, Israel and North Korea — have about 15,850 nuclear weapons among them, according to the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute.

The institute said 1,800 of those weapons are kept in a state of high operational alert. Russia and the United States’ arsenals combined make up more than 90% of nuclear weapons worldwide, it added. Continue reading


Russia has developed nuclear weapons that can avoid missile defense systems and plans to bolster its arsenal with nuclear-powered cruise missiles capable to hitting any point on the globe, President Vladimir Putin claimed in his annual address to lawmakers Thursday.

He also warned that Moscow would consider any nuclear attack, of any size, on it or its allies an attack on Russia that would lead to an immediate response — adopting Cold War-style overtones that appeared to ramp up Russia’s posturing against the West and its allies. Continue reading

SOURCE: Reuters

China is developing technologies to build a nuclear-powered aircraft carrier, state media reported on Wednesday, as Beijing pushes forward with an ambitious military modernisation programme.
Chinese President Xi Jinping pledged in October last year to turn China’s military into a world-class fighting force by 2050, and has made new technology development a key policy plank, investing in stealth fighters, aircraft carriers and missiles.

State-owned China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation (CSIC), the country’s largest naval vessel manufacturer, revealed on Tuesday the ambition in a list of technical developments the company hopes to achieve as part of weaponry upgrades for the Chinese navy by 2025, according to the state-backed Global Times. Continue reading

SOURCE: Press Trust of India

The freeze in US security aid to Pakistan will continue as it is yet to take any decisive action against the Taliban and the Haqqani network.

“That’s the current posture. And I would imagine, hopefully, in the future, well have an opportunity to (review),” General Joseph Votel, Commander of the US Central Command, told members of the Senate Armed Services Committee when asked about the future of freeze of American security assistance to Pakistan. Continue reading


Russia is working on developing a long-range unmanned strike system, according to the official TV channel of the Russian defence ministry. The large unmanned aircraft built by Zvezda will infiltrate far into an enemy’s territory. The new system will carry both guided and unguided munitions, Sputnik reported.

Alexander Nemov, the deputy chief of the research department at the 30th Central Scientific Research Institute confirmed the development and told the TV channel that the aircraft would be operational in the next few years. Continue reading


IT’s a next generation combat jet of many names. It was the PAK FA. It was the T-50. Now it’s the Su-57.

It’s Russia’s answer to the United States’ cutting-edge F-22 “Raptor” stealth fighter. Now, more than 15 years after the F-22 entered service, Russia is on the brink of pitting the best its military aviation industry can offer against its rival in Syria. F-22 versus Su-57: It’s the ultimate face-off between East and West. Continue reading


Late in the evening on Feb. 21, 2018, a photograph appeared on social media purportedly showing two Russian Sukhoi T-50 prototype stealth fighters — also known as PAK-FAs or Su-57s — in the sky over Hmemmem air base in western Syria.

While the photograph was rather blurry and could not be precisely geo-located, by the morning of Feb. 22 two videos appeared on the same social media depicting almost the same scene. A pair of T-50s escorted by an Su-35 interceptor. The authenticity of the photo and videos is still in question. Continue reading


Strava, the fitness-tracking app which relies on the smartphone GPS to track a user’s exercise sessions, which includes cycling, running finds itself the subject of a controversy. According to reports, a heat map shared by Strava, which shows the exercise activity of its users across the world, has ended up revealing secret military bases for the US and other countries as well. The app lets users post their activities on the social network and also follow others, who are into the same fitness activities on the app.

The map, which was first shared by the company in November 2017, includes? a total of one billion activities from all Strava data through September 2017. The heat map also shows 3 trillion latitude and longitude points and includes around 10TB of raw input data, according to the company’s original post. Continue reading


China is one of among the few developed nations with massive armed force that shows off an ugly face to its neighbours. With trillions-dollar economy & Wholesome foreign reserve, China has made tremendous efforts to bolster & modernise it’s military in 21st century to counter US & western allies in Indo-pacific region. There are no matter concerns to china when it comes to expansionist mindset. During cold era, being an alley of US, China took the advantage of US blind game against Russia which not only helped her to draw investment from US but also strengthened its position in Asia.

China may have betrayed US, but it’s aim to stand up as a threat to US interest is somehow fulfilled. The Asian Dragon now-a-days is showing awkward attitude over Dokalam Pass Standoff threatening India with her military strength. In fact, starting from all Chinese news agencies to New paper like Global times which is a stooge of communist party of china adding fuel to this game with the war of words. Many of us get scared off to see China’s 2.3 million active military & 8 lakh in reserve with a view that it may inflict heavy losses to its rivals. Continue reading


Islamabad’s otherwise dull and tranquil nights are now a days abuzz with a certain discomforting and disquieting vibe and many of the inhabitants of this beautiful capital are feeling the heat of it. If one looks up towards the city’s hills-clad horizon, he would find visible signs of wide spread mistrust that exists between and in-between the country’s premium institution.

It seems as if through the swipe of a mystical wand someone or somebody has managed to vanish every single shred of mutual good-will that ever existed in the corridors of power-politics and momentarily everyone who walks through these ghostly cloisters is wary of his own shadow. This situation which speaks volumes about the state of affairs prevalent in the heart of the Islamic world’s sole “Nuclear Power”, is however well concealed beneath a dark veil of secrecy and from the outside it seems all is healthy hearty in this lush-green valley. Continue reading


Reports of Myanmar having advanced negotiations with Pakistan to licence-build JF-17 fighter has not gone down well with Pakistani Netizen who have criticised its government decision, even when Pakistan government has repeatedly raised Rohingya issue at UN, OIC.

Pakistan is seen has a leading Muslim voice in the humanitarian crisis in Myanmar and seeking the intensification of diplomatic and moral pressure on the government of Myanmar to grant adequate citizenship rights to the Rohingya community, in accordance with international humanitarian laws. Continue reading


There’s a well-developed discussion going on about the definition of 5th generation fighters – or even if the term itself is at all valid. Sensor fusion, thrust vectoring, supercruise capability, AESA radars and similar terms are being thrown around quite liberally, but the biggest sticking issue is stealth. Low observability is what makes the category exclusive to clean sheet designs, as there’s a limit to how much stealth can be baked into an existing design. Just like F-35 and F-22, a truly low-observable plane has to be designed, from ground up, for stealth. This influences both shape and material composition of the hull, down to specialized coatings.

National projects: in it for the long run

Continue reading


In India, if 10 Civilians are asked who is Army Chief of India 9 might fail to answer but in Pakistan out of 10 asked 9 might be able to tell that General Raheel Sharif is current Pakistan Army Chief . General Raheel Sharif at present enjoys more public popularity and respect then Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif .

Posters urging General Raheel Sharif to take over Pakistan have been cropping up on and off near Islamabad for last few months and Panama leaks which named Nawaz Sharif family of corruption and offshore accounts already has dented his image in the public. Western and European countries are increasingly worried that powerful and influential forces in Pakistan are working in the background in creating a situation in Pakistan which will allow General Raheel Sharif to take over Pakistan before his retirement later this year . Continue reading