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The United Aircraft Corporation (UAC) of Russia has secured a patent for a game-changing weapon: an air-launched attack drone designed to be deployed from the country’s top-of-the-line Su-57 fighter jet. This development signifies a potential leap forward in modern warfare strategies.

Details surrounding the drone remain classified, but leaked patent documents offer a glimpse into its capabilities. The drone is designed to function as a force multiplier for the Su-57, extending its reach and firepower. Some analysts believe it could fulfill a “kamikaze” role, taking on high-risk missions.

What truly sets this drone apart is its level of autonomy. The patent reveals the drone’s ability to operate in two key modes:

  • Automatic Target Recognition and Engagement: The drone can independently locate and engage targets based on pre-programmed parameters.
  • Information Transmission Mode: The drone acts as a reconnaissance tool, relaying target information back to the Su-57 pilot for further instruction.

Furthermore, the drone boasts a modular warhead system, allowing it to be equipped with either high-explosive or a combination of high-explosive and cumulative charges depending on the mission objective.

While the patent primarily focuses on deployment from the Su-57, there’s speculation that the UAC might consider integrating this technology with other Russian aircraft. This could mark a significant shift in the nation’s aerial arsenal.