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Military enthusiasts are abuzz after a clear image of China’s long-rumored Z-21 attack helicopter recently surfaced online. The photo provides the first detailed look at the aircraft, sparking debate about its design influences and potential capabilities.

While some design elements resemble the existing Chinese Z-10 attack helicopter, the Z-21 appears to share a greater number of features with Russia’s Mi-28 attack chopper. This has led to speculation about possible collaboration between China and Russia on the Z-21 project.

However, it’s important to note that certain design choices, such as a tandem cockpit layout and a nose-mounted targeting system, are becoming increasingly common across attack helicopter development globally.

The Z-21 also appears to borrow elements from the Harbin Z-20, a Chinese medium-lift utility helicopter. This suggests that China may have leveraged existing domestic technologies to accelerate the Z-21’s development.

While the leaked image offers valuable insight, further details about the Z-21’s capabilities, including its armament and avionics suite, remain unknown. Official information from China regarding the program is still awaited. Analyzing future developments and potential test flights will be crucial in understanding the true extent of any Russia-China collaboration on the Z-21.