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Images of a Vanguard-class nuclear submarine returning to Faslane, Scotland, have sparked fresh concerns about the state of the UK’s nuclear deterrent. The photos, captured by locals, reveal visible signs of rust and missing panels on the submarine’s exterior.

This revelation comes on the heels of a troubling report last month, which claimed that a Trident missile test-fired from a Vanguard submarine failed for the second consecutive time. Additionally, unconfirmed reports from last year suggested a near-catastrophic incident involving a malfunctioning depth gauge on another Vanguard sub, leaving the crew unaware of their perilous descent towards crush depth.

These issues have prompted calls for transparency from the British government. Critics are urging officials to come clean about the true condition of the nuclear infrastructure at Faslane and the overall health of the Vanguard-class submarines.

The Vanguard class forms the backbone of the UK’s nuclear deterrent, carrying Trident ballistic missiles. Maintaining the submarines in top condition is paramount to ensuring the credibility and effectiveness of this deterrent capability.

The combination of the recent photo, failed missile tests, and reports of near-accidents raises serious questions about the state of the UK’s nuclear arsenal. The public deserves a clear picture of the situation, along with reassurances that the government is taking necessary steps to address these concerning developments.