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The Indian Navy, in a display of swift and coordinated action, played a key role in the successful rescue of multiple hijacked vessels and their crews across two separate operations.

In a collaborative effort, the Indian Navy joined forces with the Seychelles Defence Forces and the Sri Lanka Navy to intercept a hijacked vessel. Their combined efforts led to the apprehension of all three pirates by the Seychelles Coast Guard. Most importantly, the six crew members on board were rescued and confirmed safe.

Further demonstrating their commitment to maritime security, the Indian Navy conducted a separate operation within a remarkable 36-hour timeframe. This operation resulted in the rescue of two hijacked fishing vessels and their crews. A total of 36 seafarers, including 17 Iranian and 19 Pakistani nationals, were brought to safety.

These successful interventions by the Indian Navy highlight their dedication to safeguarding commercial vessels and their crews navigating the region’s waters. Their collaborative approach with regional partners like the Seychelles and Sri Lanka further strengthens maritime security in the Indian Ocean.

The details surrounding the specific locations of the hijackings and the types of vessels involved are not yet available. However, this display of the Indian Navy’s capabilities serves as a deterrent to potential pirates and a source of reassurance for legitimate maritime commerce.