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Russia’s Ambassador to India, Denis Alipov, has expressed unwavering confidence in the strength of the India-Russia partnership. In an interview with Rossiya-24, he asserted that attempts to disrupt their cooperation, presumably referencing Western sanctions, will be futile.

“No matter who” tries to hinder their ties, Ambassador Alipov declared that India and Russia consistently find methods to navigate around sanctions and maintain their collaboration. He emphasized, “it’s impossible to prevent” this continued partnership.

The Ambassador highlighted the burgeoning trade relationship between the two nations, particularly in the energy sector. He pointed to a tenfold increase in hydrocarbon exports from Russia to India compared to 2023, signifying a record high.

Alipov further took a swipe at Europe, suggesting that the continent’s self-imposed sanctions on Russia have backfired. He claimed that Europe is experiencing “reduced economic growth” as a consequence of these restrictions. Additionally, he noted that Europe is still reliant on Russian oil, albeit indirectly by purchasing refined oil from India, albeit “at completely different prices.”

This statement implies that while Europe may have attempted to isolate Russia economically, the strategy may be proving less effective than anticipated. Russia seems to be finding alternative markets for its exports, potentially at the expense of European economies.