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Gurpreet Singh, a 26-year-old Indian national and supporter of the Khalistan movement, has been sentenced to 28 months in jail for a stabbing attack during last year’s Indian Independence Day celebrations in Southall, UK.

Singh carried out the attack using a kirpan, a religious sword often carried by Sikhs. He wounded two men of Indian origin and a female police officer during the altercation. The court records indicate that Singh was found to be in possession of three kirpans in total, but used one with a particularly dangerous 20cm blade in the assault.

In addition to the jail sentence, Singh has been ordered to surrender all three kirpans to the court. This verdict reflects the severity with which the UK justice system views such acts of violence, especially during a cultural celebration.

This incident has likely heightened tensions between communities in Southall, a locality with a significant Indian diaspora. The swift action by law enforcement and the resulting sentence aim to deter similar acts of violence in the future.