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For the past year, Russia has significantly increased its deployment of glide bombs in the Ukraine war. The size and launch rate of these bombs have risen sharply in recent months.

Glide bombs offer a cost-effective alternative to traditional artillery. Launched from beyond Ukrainian air defense reach, these bombs pack a hefty punch, carrying 500 kg to 1,500 kg of explosives and creating massive craters. This destructive power, combined with their lower cost compared to shelling, makes them a potentially attractive option for Russia.

Immense destructive force of these bombs, capable of destroying multiple houses and leaving no countermeasures available. Even at a distance of a kilometer, the sheer force of the explosion can cause significant damage. Reports of 3,500 glide bombs already deployed and a staggering 700 launched in just one week paint a grim picture of the devastation these weapons are causing.

Russia is using these bombs to target Ukrainian fortifications currently under construction. Furthermore, Russia’s reported modernization of existing glide bombs and development of even larger variants, like the FAB-9000, raise concerns about potential war escalation.

While the ground war appears to be in a stalemate, with both sides entrenched, the article claims Russia might be gaining air superiority through its extensive use of glide bombs. However, independent verification of this claim is necessary.