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Continuing its series of Emergency Landing Facilities (ELF) activations across India, the Indian Air Force (IAF) recently brought an ELF online in the crucial western sector. This activation involved cooperation from various government organizations, highlighting a coordinated effort to bolster national security.

The newly activated western sector ELF witnessed the maiden operations of the C-295 MW transport aircraft and the Tejas light combat aircraft. These landings mark a significant milestone, demonstrating the IAF’s ability to operate these new platforms from austere locations.

The activation wasn’t limited to new aircraft. Established fighters like the Jaguar, along with workhorse transport planes like the An-32 and Mi-17 V5 helicopters, as well as the Cheetah helicopter, also participated in exercises at the ELF. These exercises encompassed essential operations like loading supplies, performing turnaround servicing, and practicing logistical airlift procedures.

The IAF’s focus on activating ELFs underscores its commitment to ensuring operational flexibility and preparedness across the nation. ELFs provide crucial landing sites in remote locations, extending the reach of the IAF and its ability to respond to emerging threats effectively.