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India’s ballistic missile defense (BMD) program is set for a significant upgrade with the development of a new Long Range Radar (LRR), according to the Ministry of Defence’s (MoD) Annual Report for 2022-23. This radar system promises enhanced detection, identification, and tracking capabilities for ballistic missiles.

The LRR’s arrival coincides with the ongoing Phase-II of India’s BMD program. This phase, expected to be operational by 2026-27, will see the induction of two new interceptor missiles, further strengthening India’s multi-layered missile defense architecture. The LRR’s superior detection, tracking, and data transmission capabilities will be instrumental in ensuring the effectiveness of these new interceptor missiles.

Key Features of the LRR:

  • Improved Detection Range: The LRR boasts a scan range exceeding 1500 kilometers, a significant improvement over its predecessor, the Long Range Tracking Radar (LRTR). This extended range allows for earlier detection of ballistic missile threats.
  • Enhanced Capabilities: The LRR is designed not only to detect but also to identify ballistic missiles. This will provide crucial information for decision-making during a potential missile attack. Additionally, the radar can perform fire control functions, guiding interceptor missiles towards their targets.
  • Mobile System: The LRR’s mobility offers greater operational flexibility compared to static radar installations. This allows for deployment in strategic locations to optimize coverage.
  • Data Transmission: The LRR is equipped to transmit data to higher echelons of command, enabling a coordinated response to a missile threat.

The development of the LRR marks a critical step forward in India’s quest for a robust and reliable BMD shield. This advanced radar system, coupled with the upcoming interceptor missiles, will significantly enhance India’s ability to defend against potential ballistic missile threats. The LRR’s mobility also adds flexibility to the deployment options, providing wider coverage and improved response times.

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