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India’s Long range Air to Surface Hybrid RudraM-III model was displayed at the DefExpo 2022 for the first time. RudraM-III is a 1.6ton Air to Surface missile system that has a range of 550km and a warhead of over 200kg. Integration of RudraM-III Missile on Su-30 MKI aircraft (NonUMC) is already in progress and nearly 20 units are being fabricated to be used for the developmental trial of the new missile system.

RudraM-III program was sanctioned in 2017 with developmental trials to begin in 2022 for 485 crores. DRDO is also working on RudraM-II and RudraM-IIA which are also Air to Surface missiles with a range of up to 250-350km.

RudraM-III is often classified as an air-launched quasi-ballistic missile with a hypersonic terminal stage but DRDO has not officially commented on its specifications and features.

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