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Pic Credit Vayu Aerospace Review @ReviewVayu

DRDO-TATA/Kalyani developed a 155mm/52cal caliber gun system mounted on Tatra T815 27ET96 28 300 8×8 terrain vehicle that has been displayed at the DefExpo 2022. Vehicles Research and Development Establishment (VRDE) was involved in the design and development of an armored crew protection cabin for the MGS that was later integrated with the ATAGS 155mm/52cal caliber gun at the Kalyani facility.

Indian Ary needs 814 mounted gun systems (MGS), and it was accorded Acceptance of Necessity (AON) by the Defence Acquisition Council (DAC) in September 2011, but since then little progress has been made. RFI states that the 155 mm/ 52 Calibre Mounted Gun System will be employed in plains, mountains, high altitude areas, semi-desert, and desert terrain along the Northern and Western Borders of the country for the execution of Artillery tasks.

A new armored driver cabin will consist of the driver (who operates the hydraulic stabilizers) and commander sitting in the front cabin, the gunner (aims the gun and opens fire), and the loader operator (selects the appropriate amount of powder charges). 155mm/52cal caliber MGS will feature an autoloader that can load a shell and a cartridge at any elevation of the barrel.

Army has asked for a minimum of 50% Indigenous Content (IC) 155 mm / 52 Calibre Mounted Gun System that received offers from 3 private sector companies in collaboration with an International vendor, while 52 calibers 155 mm variant of the Dhanush Howitzer Based MGS has been developed by the Jabalpur-based Gun Carriage Factory (GCF) is the second Indigenous gun that is the race and has completed internal trials and has been offered to Army for user trials.

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