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Satyanarayan Nandlal Nuwal, Chairman and Non-Executive Director of the Indian private sector Solar Explosives in an interview with zee news said that the company had submitted a proposal to develop a 130-150km Guided Pinaka Indigenous multi-barrel rocket launch (MBRL) system. Satyanarayan claims that the proposal has been accepted by the Indian Army and work on the development of such a system has begun.

Guided Pinaka with a range of 130-150km will be the most advanced multi-barrel rocket launch (MBRL) system developed in the country and will surpass the range of the Russian 300 mm BM-30 Smerch multiple rocket launcher that has a range of 90km that is already inducted by the Indian Army.

Solar Explosives also has proposed to develop a 250km BrahMos Type Tactical Cruise Missile without a seeker but equipped with a guided system that will be a low-cost option to the expensive BrahMos Supersonic cruise missile that is already in service with the Indian Army. Satyanarayan said that each BrahMos costs around 40 crores but the one they have proposed to develop will cost only 8 crores.

At this point, it is not clear if the proposed BrahMos Type Cruise missile with a range of 250km will be supersonic and how the company plans to develop a such low-cost variant of the missile or if it retains its Mach 3 capable Ramjet powered engine, or if it plans to develop an indigenous engine.

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