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Satellite imagery reveals the ongoing construction of the Philippines’ first ever base for BrahMos anti-ship missiles. This development signifies a crucial step in the country’s defense modernization program, particularly in light of regional disputes with China.

The Philippines’ decision to acquire BrahMos missiles in 2022 marked a significant milestone. This $375 million deal, procured under the Philippine Navy’s Shore-Based Anti-Ship Missile Acquisition Project, aimed to address the country’s aging military equipment and enhance its ability to defend its territory.

The BrahMos missile base is being constructed as part of the Philippine Navy’s Shore-Based Anti-Ship Missile Acquisition Project. Upon completion, the base will house three batteries of BrahMos missiles, along with technical support facilities. These advanced supersonic cruise missiles will be entrusted to the Philippine Marine Corps Coastal Defense Regiment, significantly enhancing their defensive capabilities.

The location of the base, facing the South China Sea, holds immense strategic importance. BrahMos will enable the Philippines to effectively deter and defend against potential maritime threats in the region.