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The Indian Army’s Training Command is conducting specialized maintenance training for technicians on the new AK-203 assault rifle. This program, held at the Electrical Mechanical Engineering School (EMESchool) in Vadodara, Gujarat, highlights India’s growing self-reliance in defense production.

The training equips technicians from the Army, Air Force, and Navy with the knowledge and skills necessary to maintain the AK-203 effectively. This ensures the weapon’s optimal performance and reliability in the hands of Indian forces.

The AK-203 is a joint Indo-Russian venture manufactured in India. This training program signifies the importance placed on not just acquiring new weapons but also developing a domestic support ecosystem for their upkeep.

The training program benefits from the presence of instructors from the AK factory in Russia. This collaboration facilitates a comprehensive knowledge transfer, ensuring Indian technicians gain a deep understanding of the rifle’s mechanisms and maintenance procedures.

A skilled workforce of technicians is crucial for maintaining the operational readiness of the armed forces. This training program ensures that personnel across the Army, Air Force, and Navy possess the expertise to handle the AK-203, maximizing its effectiveness.