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CREDIT Damien Symon @detresfa_

Satellite imagery reveals significant progress in the construction of a second runway at the strategic Leh airbase in Ladakh. This development bolsters India’s military capabilities along the Line of Actual Control (LAC) and Siachen Glacier, amid ongoing tensions with China.

The new runway, estimated to be approximately 2,000 meters long based on satellite imagery, will complement the existing 3,255-meter runway at the Leh airbase. Construction appears to be nearly 40% complete, indicating steady progress.

The addition of a second runway will significantly enhance the Indian Air Force’s (IAF’s) ability to deploy fighter jets, transport aircraft, and helicopters in the strategically important Ladakh region. This will improve operational flexibility and reduce congestion, ensuring a swifter response to any security threats.

Leh airbase is situated at a high altitude and experiences harsh climatic conditions. The new runway will provide an alternative landing option, especially during times of bad weather or when the existing runway is undergoing maintenance. This will ensure uninterrupted air operations throughout the year.

The construction of the second runway is seen as a strategic move by India in response to heightened tensions along the LAC. It strengthens India’s military posture in the region and allows for faster deployment of troops and equipment in case of any contingencies.