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Global Industrial & Defence Solutions (GIDS), a Pakistani state-owned defense company, recently impressed military officials from 11 allied nations with a demonstration of their latest Unmanned Combat Aerial Vehicle (UCAV), the Shahpar II.

The Shahpar II, classified as a Medium Altitude Long Endurance (MALE) drone, showcased its targeting capabilities by engaging ground targets with its air-to-ground guided missile, the “Burq,” while flying at an altitude of 14,000 feet.

This upgraded UCAV builds upon the success of GIDS’s previous model, the Shahpar-I. The Shahpar II boasts extended flight times, offering 20 hours for surveillance missions and 14 hours for offensive operations.

GIDS officials also claimed that “Shahpar II” UCAV outperforms competitors in the market, including Turkey’s Baykar Technology-produced Bayraktar TB2 and China’s CH-4, in terms of capabilities and cost efficiency. Interestingly Pakistan operates both TB2 and CH-4 UCAVS.

The “Shahpar II” is equipped with a SATCOM satellite communication system, enabling long-distance communication with ground control stations and the execution of maximum-range surveillance and attack missions.