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An Indian Navy team is set to visit ThyssenKrupp Marine Systems (TKMS) facilities in Germany this month to inspect the U-212/214 submarines offered for India’s Project-75I tender. This project seeks next-generation submarines to bolster India’s naval prowess.

The U-212/214 class submarines boast a unique design featuring a one-and-a-half hull configuration. The pressure hull, the core of the submarine, is built with non-magnetic steel, enhancing stealth capabilities.

A key advantage of these submarines is their Air-Independent Propulsion (AIP) system. Unlike older diesel-electric submarines that rely solely on battery power while submerged, the AIP system allows for extended underwater operation, making them highly sought-after for modern naval warfare.

For its Project-75I bid, TKMS has partnered with India’s state-owned Mazagon Dock Shipbuilders Limited (MDL). This collaboration aligns with India’s focus on Transfer of Technology (ToT), which fosters indigenous capabilities in submarine construction and maintenance.

The upcoming visit by the Indian Navy team signifies a critical step in Project 75I. A successful inspection could pave the way for further negotiations and potentially lead to the Indian Navy acquiring these technologically advanced submarines. This would be a significant development for India’s maritime defence capabilities.

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