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C.J. Varghese, a pioneering innovator from Kerala, India, has once again captured attention with his latest invention—a hand-portable Kamikaze drone. With an impressive portfolio boasting six patents, Varghese recently secured yet another patent from the Patent Office of the Government of India for this groundbreaking creation. Resembling a capsule or a smart grenade in appearance, this innovative device features distinctive foldable and deployable mechanisms, coupled with an ingenious engagement strategy that sets it apart in the realm of drone technology.

The portable Track and Kill Suicide Drone, as dubbed by its inventor, represents a paradigm shift in warfare tactics. Varghese asserts that infantrymen can effectively operate this cutting-edge drone, marking a significant departure from conventional drone operation methodologies. The unveiling of the device showcases a quad-propeller design engineered for flight, augmented by a built-in camera system tailored for guidance and terrain assessment.

The emergence of this hand-portable Kamikaze drone underscores the relentless pursuit of innovation in military technology. Its compact size and versatile functionality position it as a formidable asset for ground forces, offering enhanced situational awareness and tactical capabilities on the battlefield. With its ability to swiftly deploy and engage targets, the drone introduces a new dimension of agility and precision to modern warfare operations.

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