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The Pakistan Air Force (PAF) announced plans to transform its single Bombardier Global 6000 business jet into a stand-off jamming (SOJ) aircraft. This project will be undertaken in collaboration with Turkish Aerospace Industries (TAI).

The initial hint of this conversion came from the PAF’s latest calendar, which designated the Global 6000 as an electronic warfare (EW) platform. This was later confirmed by the PAF’s unofficial publication, Second-to-None.

While the specific electronic warfare suite (EW suite) for the aircraft remains undisclosed, speculation centers on the Aselsan HAVASOJ system, developed by TAI. However, this is not guaranteed.

The uncertainty surrounding the EW suite presents an opportunity for other defense contractors to propose custom solutions tailored to the PAF’s needs. Additionally, the PAF might be considering a modified version of the HAVASOJ, focusing on just one or two specific electronic warfare capabilities.

This conversion project signifies the PAF’s efforts to bolster its electronic warfare capabilities. A dedicated SOJ aircraft will enhance the PAF’s ability to disrupt enemy radars and communication systems from a safe distance during operations.