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The inaugural India-Indonesia Defence Industry Exhibition-cum-Seminar, held in Jakarta on April 30, 2024, marked a significant milestone in bilateral defense cooperation between the two nations. Organized by the Indian Embassy, Ministry of Defence (India), and Ministry of Defense (Indonesia), the event served as a platform to showcase India’s growing defense capabilities and foster strategic partnerships.

The exhibition attracted a high-powered audience, including top leadership from the Indonesian Ministry of Defense, military, coast guard, and defense companies. This participation signifies a strong interest in exploring collaborations between the two countries’ defense industries.

The event wasn’t just about showcasing hardware. It also aimed to promote long-term cooperation in areas like defense research and development (R&D), innovation, and manufacturing. This collaborative approach holds the potential to create a win-win situation for both nations, allowing them to leverage each other’s expertise and resources for mutual benefit.

The India-Indonesia Defence Industry Exhibition-cum-Seminar carries additional significance in the context of regional stability in the Indo-Pacific. As maritime neighbors, India and Indonesia share a common interest in maintaining a peaceful and secure Indo-Pacific region. Increased defense cooperation between the two countries can contribute to achieving this objective by fostering closer military ties and promoting regional stability.