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According to Baba Kalyani, Chairman of Bharat Forge, the Indian Army has a long-term plan to equip itself entirely with 155mm 52 caliber towed artillery guns. This transition is expected to be completed by 2040-45, with the Army requiring nearly 4,000 guns in total.

This shift reflects the growing importance of long-range fire support in modern warfare. The 155mm/52 caliber guns offer a significant advantage in firing range and accuracy compared to older models.

Currently, the K-9 Vajra-Tracked Self-Propelled Howitzer (SPH) is the only 155mm 52 caliber gun inducted into the Indian Army. To meet the larger requirement, the Army is pursuing a multi-pronged approach.

  • Procurement of 307 ATAGS Guns: The Army is set to procure 307 Advanced Towed Artillery Gun System (ATAGS) guns, which are 155mm 52 caliber towed guns.
  • Order for 1600 TGS Guns: A lighter version of the 155mm 52 caliber towed gun, called the Tracked Gun System (TGS), is also planned for acquisition, with an order for 1600 units anticipated.
  • Upgradation of Existing M777 Guns: The Army’s existing inventory of M777 155mm/39 caliber towed guns will undergo an upgrade program to convert them to the 155mm 52 caliber standard.