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The Indian Navy is gearing up for crucial trials in Spain to evaluate critical equipment for its Project 75 India, aimed at acquiring six advanced submarines. This news comes courtesy of Spanish shipyard Navantia, a key partner in the project.

The focus of these trials lies on Navantia’s innovative Air-Independent Propulsion (AIP) system, a technology that significantly enhances underwater endurance for submarines. Notably, Navantia successfully completed land-based trials of the system in 2023, simulating demanding real-world conditions.

The success of these land-based trials paves the way for the AIP system that is yet to be integrated onboard the S-83 submarine, the first vessel planned to feature this advanced technology. The initial two submarines slated for delivery – the Isaac Peral (S-81) and the Narciso Monturiol (S-82) – have designs that can accommodate future integration of the AIP system during their first major overhaul.

Trials of the system is to take place on the land based facility since no submarine is currently equipped with the AIP system that will happen only in 2025 with the third submarine first to get the framed AIP system.

Navantia’s AIP system, known as BEST (Bow Electric Propulsion System), is a significant innovation for the S-80 class submarines. This technology grants conventional diesel-electric submarines superior underwater endurance, enhancing their tactical capabilities and stealth.