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The P17 Alpha Project, involving the construction of three advanced warships for the Indian Navy, has progressed significantly. All three vessels have been successfully launched, and construction is underway at a steady pace as per Garden Reach Shipbuilders & Engineers Ltd (GRSE).

While all three ships have already been launched, construction continues at a steady pace. The first ship boasts an impressive 70% physical progress, while the second and third ships are at 60% and 47% completion, respectively.

Following the current schedule, the project anticipates delivery of the first ship by mid-2025, with the second ship to follow at a later date. The project is expected to culminate in the delivery of the third ship by mid-2026, marking August 2026 as the project’s completion timeline.

This progress signifies a significant milestone for the P17 Alpha Project, and stakeholders remain confident in meeting the established deadlines.

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