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L&T Defence, a leading Indian private-sector defense organization, showcased its TEER (Maneuverable Recoverable Aerial Target) at the recent Maharashtra MSME Defence Expo. This indigenously designed and developed platform serves as a target for air defense weapon system practice.

TEER boasts of being entirely designed and developed within India. It is equipped with various onboard payloads to enhance training efficacy, including:

  • RADAR augmentation system: Simulates various types of aircraft for realistic radar signature replication.
  • Infrared and smoke flares: Enables practicing engagement with targets using heat-seeking missiles and countermeasure techniques.
  • Acoustic miss distance indicator: Provides real-time feedback on the accuracy of fired shots.

L&T Defence is developing two variants of TEER, TEER Offers a maximum takeoff weight of 90kg, an endurance of 45 minutes, a maximum altitude of 5000 meters, and a range of 100 kilometers, while TEER-NG maintains same dimensions as the base TEER, but it boasts a higher maximum takeoff weight of 110kn, retains the 45-minute endurance, and extends the maximum altitude to 8000 meters and a range of 100 kilometers.

TEER is launched using a catapult launcher, ensuring safe and efficient deployment. A high-performance turbojet engine propels the target throughout its flight, allowing for dynamic maneuvers during training exercises.

Following its mission, TEER utilizes a parachute recovery system for a smooth and controlled landing, enabling its reusability for multiple training sessions.

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