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Last month, reports based on unclear images suggested Kalyani Strategic Systems Limited (KSSL) might have equipped their 155mm/39 calibre Mountain Artillery Gun howitzer-BR with an Automatic Loading System (ALS). However, like to clarify that the newer images reveal it’s simply additional cladding for the gun barrel.

Armenia has placed the first export order for this variant, with a confirmed quantity of 72 units. Recent footage from the factory floor shows a dozen or more guns ready for shipment, signifying the initial stages of fulfilling this substantial order.

Key Features of the 155mm 39 Calibre MAG System:

  • Caliber: 155mm
  • Chassis: 4×4 wheeled for superior off-road mobility
  • Maneuverability: Handles gradients up to 25 degrees (true “go anywhere” capability)
  • Firepower: Delivers “shoot and scoot” artillery tactics
  • Weight: 22 tons
  • Ammunition: Compatible with all standard NATO rounds and in-service ammunition
  • Onboard Capacity: Carries 18 rounds with Zone 5 protection
  • Deployment Time: Ready for action in 60 seconds, day or night
  • Firing Trials:¬†Successfully completed, achieving all desired parameters