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Amid heightened tensions between India and Pakistan, recent reports from British media outlet The Guardian have stirred controversy and raised concerns about escalating conflict in the region. According to the report, India allegedly conducted strikes inside Pakistan targeting terror groups based there, which Pakistan often uses to target India in the Kashmir region.

The revelation has sent shockwaves through Pakistan, with its media outlets calling on the Pakistani military to respond in kind. Pakistan has long been accused by India of harboring and supporting anti-India terror groups, providing them with safe havens from which to launch attacks in Indian-administered Kashmir.

These alleged strikes, reportedly carried out by Indian external intelligence agencies like the Research and Analysis Wing (R&AW), are seen by some as a calculated response to Pakistan’s support for terrorist activities against India. Such covert operations are not uncommon in the realm of intelligence agencies worldwide, where preemptive strikes are often deemed necessary to protect national security interests.

For Pakistan, the reported incursions represent a breach of its sovereignty and a direct challenge to its security apparatus. The calls for retaliation from Pakistani media underscore the pressure on the government and military to respond forcefully to what is perceived as an act of aggression by India.

On the other hand, India maintains that it has the right to defend itself against cross-border terrorism emanating from Pakistan. The Indian government has repeatedly called on Pakistan to take decisive action against terrorist groups operating on its soil, accusing Islamabad of sponsoring and sheltering militants who carry out attacks in Indian territory.