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A Pakistani think tank has cast doubt on the Indian explanation for the accidental launch of a BrahMos missile in March 2022. The Islamabad-based institute released a study titled “Accidental, Inadvertent or Deliberate Launch: The Case of Indian Air Force’s Launch of a Nuclear-Capable Cruise Missile.”

The study, authored by Dr. Atia Ali Kazmi, argues against the Indian Air Force’s (IAF) claim of an accidental launch. Dr. Kazmi utilizes open-source information to examine the missile’s safety protocols, components, and the events surrounding the incident.

The study highlights the apparent contradiction between Dr. Kazmi’s analysis and the IAF’s explanation to the Delhi High Court in 2024. The IAF attributed the incident to “combat connectors remaining connected to the junction box,” leading to an accidental firing.

Dr. Kazmi suggests the possibility of either an inadvertent launch or, more concerningly, a deliberate targeting of Pakistan during peacetime. The study warns that a deliberate launch, even if intended solely to test Pakistan’s response capabilities, could have dangerous consequences.

It is important to note that this article reports on the findings of a Pakistani think tank and does not necessarily reflect the views of the Indian government or independent observers.