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A Bangalore-based drone startup has made a groundbreaking announcement, unveiling the development of a swarm of drones with autonomous capabilities for forest penetration. These innovative drones, equipped with GPS-denied abilities, are set to revolutionize complex military and civilian missions.

Acting as pathfinders and scouts, they will play a crucial role in tasks such as counter-insurgency operations (COIN), humanitarian assistance, and disaster relief (HADR). These advanced agents merge cutting-edge localization, AI-based navigation, cooperative mission autonomy, object detection, and sense/avoid techniques.

NewSpace Research and Technologies, the driving force behind this technology, is actively engaged in captive research to develop these futuristic drones of various sizes as part of its NextGen Missions & Technologies (NGMT) vision. A prototype video released last year showcases the early progress made in forest penetration, and the company aims to deliver the first swarm-based product evolution in this class by the end of 2023.

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