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South Korea has extended an offer to India for its advanced KSS-III Batch-II submarine, presenting a potential procurement opportunity. The KSS-III Batch-II represents a significant advancement over its predecessor, incorporating enhancements in combat management systems, sonar capabilities, and firepower.

This offer arrives at a time when Germany is also competing for India’s submarine acquisition program, known as Project-75I. The KSS-III Batch-II’s improved features, including an increased number of Vertical Launching System (VLS) cells, offer enhanced operational capabilities, particularly with Submarine Launched Cruise Missiles (SLCMs).

South Korea’s emphasis on domestically developed and sourced components in the KSS-III Batch II submarine presents several advantages for Export customers like India since it enhances the submarine’s operational reliability by reducing potential vulnerabilities associated with relying on foreign suppliers.

KSS-III, a 3,000-tonne class of submarine is the lone bid in Project-75I that meets all the technical requirements set by the Indian Navy but Germany is trying to secure a deal through a Government to Government (G2G ) contract since Germany has issues with liability clauses in the Project-75I tender.

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