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Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL) recently inaugurated a new production facility in Nashik, aimed at bolstering the manufacturing capacity of the indigenous Light Combat Aircraft Tejas. While HAL already has two manufacturing facilities for LCA Tejas in Bengaluru, with a combined capacity of 16 jets per year, the Nasik facility is expected to further augment the production with an additional capacity of up to 24 jets annually.

However, according to sources at idrw, the Nasik facility is not yet ready to commence production of LCA-Tejas Mk1A jets. The staff at the facility are currently undergoing training, and the procurement of necessary equipment for the assembly of LCA-Tejas is still underway. HAL officials have confirmed that the Nasik facility has the potential to accommodate the production of more than 8 jets, but achieving this installed capacity is contingent upon securing a fresh contract for the Tejas.

idrw spoke to Indian Air Force (IAF) officials familiar with the matter, who revealed that HAL is obligated to deliver 16 jets starting from the year 2024-25 as per the contract. Pilot conversion and training are planned accordingly, and any additional deliveries beyond this requirement will not expedite squadron formation.

Initially, the Nasik facility was intended for manufacturing LCA-Tejas in case of export orders, although such orders have not materialized thus far. However, there are prospects that the facility may be utilized for the production of an additional 50 jets, as HAL is expecting a Tejas Mk1A deal from the IAF. This potential deal is anticipated to conclude in 2025, coinciding with the Nasik facility’s rollout of the first Tejas Mk1A.

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