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In a significant feat of technological innovation, the Simulator Development Division, Secunderabad, under Army Training Command, Indian Army, has achieved a remarkable milestone by securing its 10th patent for the in-house development of a VR Based IGLA Missile Firing Simulator. This cutting-edge simulator has been granted a patent by the Patent Office of India, affirming its uniqueness and originality in the field of virtual reality-based training systems.

The VR Based IGLA Missile Firing Simulator represents a pioneering approach to enhance training capabilities within the Indian Army. Designed as a virtual reality-based training simulator, it serves as a crucial tool to support both individual and team training exercises. The simulator’s portability further adds to its versatility, enabling it to be deployed in various training environments as required.

The training offered by the VR Based IGLA Missile Firing Simulator is adaptable, catering to different training scenarios. Users can choose from gunner-only, team leader-only, or combined gunner-and-team-leader training options, providing a comprehensive learning experience for soldiers. This flexibility ensures that each individual and team receives specialized and relevant training, honing their skills for various combat situations.

One of the simulator’s key features is its realistic missile simulation, which accurately replicates missile trajectory and effects. This level of fidelity allows soldiers to familiarize themselves with the complexities of missile firing, equipping them with critical knowledge and skills needed for real-world operations.

Moreover, the VR Based IGLA Missile Firing Simulator streamlines the training process with its Automated Daily Operational Readiness Test (DORT). This automated system ensures that the simulator remains in peak operational condition, ready to deliver high-quality training consistently.

To further support users, the simulator is accompanied by comprehensive user and maintenance manuals, offering a wealth of information and guidance. These manuals ensure that soldiers and maintenance personnel can maximize the benefits of the simulator and keep it in optimal working condition.

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