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The Indian Army has taken a significant step towards enhancing soldier mobility and battlefield effectiveness with the procurement of 300 units of the TVS Sundaram All Terrain Tactical Hauler (ATT Hauler).

This indigenously-developed system, built in collaboration with Marom Dolphin of Israel, is an innovative, robust, and ergonomically designed hybrid electric-powered load-carrying solution. Available in both 2×2 and 4×4 variants, the ATT Hauler can carry up to 120 kg of weight over any terrain, ensuring soldiers remain fully combat-effective and mobile on the battlefield.

A key advantage of the ATT Hauler is its ability to significantly reduce the weight soldiers carry. By taking on essential supplies, it allows them to focus on their primary combat duties with a lighter “basic combat load.” This translates to increased maneuverability, agility, and ultimately, improved survivability in combat situations.

The ATT Hauler is designed to handle tough environments. It boasts water resistance, allowing for operation in various weather conditions. Additionally, it comes equipped with advanced features like:

  • Active Electric Differential (AED) for superior traction control
  • Automatic speed control for maintaining optimal pace
  • Electric braking for smooth and efficient stopping power
  • Quick release system for rapid unloading of supplies with the push of a button
  • Wireless remote control for added operational flexibility

The ATT Hauler excels in maneuverability. Its compact design and ability to turn on its own axis make it ideal for navigating tight spaces and complex terrain. This allows soldiers to adapt quickly to changing battlefield scenarios.

The induction of the TVS Sundaram ATT Hauler marks a significant advancement for the Indian Army, empowering soldiers with a powerful tool to enhance their mobility, survivability, and overall combat effectiveness.