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The Indian Army’s GOC Vajra Corps is at the forefront of innovation in combat techniques. Recent operations in Kashmir saw the Corps deploy a unique integrated weapons system, combining small arms firing with Hexa Copters – a first for the Indian Army during counter-terrorism encounters.

This cutting-edge system equips soldiers with Hexa Copters, also known as multi-rotor drones, equipped with underslung AK rifles. This configuration allows for precise aerial targeting and eliminates the risk of collateral damage during ground operations. The system’s versatility is further enhanced by the ability to swap the AK mount for a Multi Grenade Launcher (MGL) in different tactical situations.

The successful deployment of this integrated system by the GOC Vajra Corps signifies the Indian Army’s commitment to staying ahead of the curve in combat technology. This innovative approach provides soldiers with a significant tactical advantage, enhancing their ability to neutralize threats with precision and minimize risk. It’s a testament to the Army’s dedication to developing indigenous solutions to address the evolving challenges of modern warfare.