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NewSpace Research & Technologies (NRT), a Bengaluru-based company, has achieved a significant milestone in Indian aerospace with its solar-powered High Altitude Pseudo-Satellite (HAPS) platform. During an envelope expansion flight test campaign, the NRT HAPS platform, supported by the Indian government’s Innovation for Defence Excellence (iDEX) initiative, reached a new national endurance record for an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) designed and developed in India.

The HAPS platform achieved an impressive flight time of 27 hours, surpassing previous national records for UAV endurance. It also reached an altitude of 26,000 feet, demonstrating its capabilities for high-altitude operations. This successful test flight paves the way for further development of HAPS technology in India, with potential applications in various fields, including surveillance, communication, and environmental monitoring.

The iDEX initiative played a crucial role in supporting NRT’s development of the HAPS platform. This program fosters innovation in the Indian defense sector by encouraging indigenous development of advanced technologies. NRT’s achievement highlights the success of iDEX in propelling India’s technological advancements in the aerospace domain.

This record-breaking flight is a testament to the growing capabilities of Indian aerospace companies. NRT’s HAPS platform has the potential to revolutionize aerial operations in India, offering a cost-effective and sustainable solution for long-endurance missions.