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The Indian Air Force (IAF) has expressed keen interest in the development of reconfigurable phased-array radar systems integrated into drones. This technology promises significant advancements in airborne surveillance and target detection capabilities.

Phased-array radars are electronically steered antenna systems that offer several advantages over conventional mechanical radar systems. They can rapidly switch beams in different directions without physically moving the antenna, allowing for faster scanning and improved tracking accuracy. Reconfigurable phased-array radars take this a step further by enabling the dynamic adjustment of beam shape and frequency, providing even greater flexibility in detecting and identifying various targets.

Integrating such radar systems into drones creates a powerful surveillance tool. Drones can be deployed at strategic locations or manoeuvre into specific areas of interest, providing a persistent aerial view with real-time radar data. This can be invaluable for border surveillance, monitoring enemy activities, and supporting tactical operations.

The IAF’s interest in this technology aligns with its growing focus on unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). Drones have proven their effectiveness in various military applications, and the IAF is actively incorporating them into its fleet for reconnaissance, intelligence gathering, and combat missions.

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