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An unnamed Indian Navy official has shed light on the potential replacement for India’s Kilo-class submarines, currently nearing the end of their operational lifespan. The official, speaking to, suggests that the Spanish-built S-80 Plus class submarines could be a perfect fit.

The Kilo-class submarines, procured in the mid-1980s, have served India’s maritime interests for decades. Extensive refits and upgrades have extended their operational life, but their time is coming to an end. The Navy is now exploring options for their replacement. Project-75I tender will see induction of six new submarines that will replace order Kilo Class of Submarines.

The S-80 Plus emerges as a strong contender due to several factors. With a submerged displacement of over 2,965 tons, it boasts a larger capacity compared to its competitor, the German U-214 submarine offered by TKMS. This translates to the ability to carry more fuel, enabling longer missions and greater operational range – a crucial factor for India’s vast maritime territory. Kilo Class of Submarines also have similar submerged displacement.

Cost also appears to be an advantage for the S-80 Plus. While the official price details remain undisclosed, it is believed to be a more economical option compared to the U-214.

India already operates a fleet of T-209 submarines procured from TKMS in the 1980s and maintains a positive relationship with the German company. However, the S-80 Plus offers a more modern platform with potentially superior capabilities. Last time TKMS lost out to French-Spanish bid on Project-75 due to Price factor since Scorpène-class submarine worked out to be much cheaper then German offerings and TKMS fears this might happen again and had offered Goverment to Goverment deal for the submarines.

Another factor favoring the S-80 Plus is the Indian Navy’s existing experience with Navantia. The Navy currently operates the Scorpène-class submarines, a joint Franco-Spanish collaboration. This established relationship with the shipyard and its proven expertise in submarine development strengthens the case for the S-80 Plus.

Due to stringent requirements of the Indian Navy only Two submarines meet technical requirements laid out by the Indian Navy under its tender for Six submarines under Project-75I.

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