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The strategically located Andaman and Nicobar Islands are undergoing a significant modernization of their military infrastructure. This upgrade aims to strengthen India’s presence in the region and enhance its ability to monitor and secure the vital trade routes of the Indo-Pacific.

Airstrips at key naval air stations are being extended in phases to accommodate larger aircraft like P8I maritime patrol planes and fighter jets. Additionally, jetties are being enlarged to handle bigger warships.

The islands’ capacity for storing military supplies and equipment is being enhanced to ensure readiness for any situation. Upgrading living quarters for soldiers will contribute to a better quality of life and improved morale.

A robust surveillance system is being established to provide comprehensive situational awareness, enabling a swift and effective response to potential threats.

Airstrips at key locations are being extended to nearly 3,000 meters, allowing for the deployment of larger and more powerful aircraft for air defense and long-range patrols. The Indian Air Force station is being upgraded to permanently house fighter squadrons, significantly bolstering the islands’ air defense capabilities.

The crucial road connecting the northern islands to Port Blair in the south is undergoing improvements to handle increased traffic flow of troops and equipment.