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In a recent interview, Indian Navy Chief Admiral R Hari Kumar announced the commencement of Project-76, an ambitious initiative to develop indigenous conventional diesel submarines. This project marks a significant milestone in India’s quest for self-reliance in submarine manufacturing.

Project-76 will serve as the successor to Project-75I (India), which is currently underway and involves the acquisition of six next-generation submarines from either Germany or Spain. These submarines will be manufactured in India under a Transfer of Technology (ToT) agreement. The experience and expertise gained from Project-75I, along with the advancements made in India’s submarine design and development capabilities, will serve as a strong foundation for Project-76.

Unlike its predecessor, Project-76 will focus on the indigenous design and development of six new next-generation submarines. This project will leverage the robust ecosystem established through Project-75, Project-75I, and the ongoing nuclear submarine programs.

Sources familiar with Project-76 have indicated that the design phase is expected to be completed within the next few years. Construction of the submarines is slated to commence before 2030, marking a significant step forward in India’s submarine modernization efforts.

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