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The Indian Navy has confirmed its ambitious project for the Next-Generation Destroyer (NGD), a massive 10,000-ton warship slated to become the successor to the currently under construction Project-15B program.

Under the leadership of Vice Adm Sanjay Jasjit Singh, Vice Chief of Naval Staff, the NGD program is still in its conceptual stages, but exciting details are emerging, hinting at a transformative future for Indian naval warfare.

A glimpse into the NGD’s potential was offered in a promotional video released last year. This video showcased a striking concept, highlighting a revolutionary canister-based universal Vertical Launch System (VLS) configuration. This innovative design boasts a staggering 144 missile cells, meticulously arranged in a three 6×4 VLS 2 layout, positioned strategically at both the bow and aft sections of the vessel. Additionally, the NGD concept features eight slant launchers situated behind the main radar, potentially designated for the formidable BrahMos-2 anti-ship missile.

The NGD program represents a significant leap forward for the Indian Navy. This next-generation warship promises to be a formidable force, equipped with cutting-edge technology and unmatched firepower. As the program progresses through its conceptual phase and eventually enters production, the NGD will undoubtedly reshape the landscape of naval warfare in the region and solidify India’s position as a major maritime power.

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