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India’s Ministry of Defence (MoD) is seeking collaboration between public and private sector companies to manufacture sub-sonic, long-range cruise missiles for its upcoming dedicated rocket force. Indian Military planners recognize the need for a substantial arsenal of precision-strike conventional missiles, estimated in the thousands, to effectively counter emerging threats at LAC and LOC.

The impetus for this program stems from the successful development of India’s first indigenous cruise missile. Having completed numerous developmental trials, the missile is poised for mass production.

This collaboration extends beyond mere component manufacturing. The MoD envisions both public and private entities undertaking the entire assembly process.

Furthermore, the cruise missile, currently launched from mobile launchers, is being adapted for deployment from sea and air platforms, enhancing its strategic flexibility.

The indigenously developed Manik engine, designed by GTRE and slated for production by Godrej, represents a crucial milestone in achieving self-sufficiency in cruise missile technology. This project paves the way for broader public-private participation in India’s missile production landscape.

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