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Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL) is gearing up for a significant boost in its Light Combat Aircraft (LCA) Tejas Mk1A production. In a recent statement, HAL Chairman and Managing Director, CB Ananthakrishnan, announced that the first two Tejas Mk1A fighter jets manufactured at the company’s Nashik facility will be rolled out by March 2025.

This development marks a major milestone for HAL’s efforts to streamline Tejas Mk1A production and meet the Indian Air Force’s (IAF) requirements. To achieve this, HAL inaugurated a third production line specifically dedicated to the Tejas Mk1A and HTT-40 aircraft at its Nashik factory in April 2023.

The new production line in Nashik significantly expands HAL’s Tejas manufacturing capacity. Previously, the two existing production lines in Bengaluru could only deliver 16 jets annually. With the Nashik line operational, HAL can now produce a total of 24 Tejas Mk1A jets per year from 2025-26 onwards.

Ananthakrishnan further highlighted the Nashik facility’s potential for even higher production rates. He stated that the current setup can readily manufacture 8 Tejas Mk1A jets annually. Additionally, with further investment, the facility can be augmented to deliver an additional 4 jets, bringing the total annual production capacity to a staggering 28 jets.

This increased production capability is crucial for fulfilling the IAF’s order for 73+97 Tejas Mk1A fighter jets. The Nashik line, along with the existing lines in Bengaluru, will play a pivotal role in delivering these advanced fighter jets to the IAF and bolstering India’s domestic defence capabilities.

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