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The Indian Army is exploring the development of a next-generation remotely controlled tracked vehicle (RCTV) capable of carrying significant payloads on the battlefield, according to sources at This move signifies a potential shift towards greater automation and minimizing troop exposure in high-risk scenarios.

While Indian private companies already offer RCTV solutions in the 100-300kg payload range – suitable for surveillance and potentially light weaponry – the Army seeks a much heavier lifter. The envisioned RCTV would boast a payload capacity rivalling a truck, estimated at 4-6 tons. This opens doors for diverse applications.

This heavy-duty RCTV would revolutionize battlefield logistics and combat operations. Potential applications include:

  • Transporting Ammunition and Supplies: The vehicle could eliminate the need for manned trucks in high-risk zones, minimizing soldier exposure to enemy fire.
  • Deploying Heavy Weaponry: The RCTV could act as a mobile platform for heavy weaponry like mortars or anti-tank guns, providing increased firepower while safeguarding soldiers.
  • Combat Engineering Tasks: The RCTV’s ability to carry specialized equipment could prove invaluable for tasks like mine clearing or breaching obstacles.

Collaboration with private Indian companies is a key aspect of this project. Leveraging domestic expertise and technology would not only boost India’s self-reliance in defence manufacturing but also potentially lead to a faster development cycle.

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