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The Philippine Marine Corps (PMC) has expressed strong satisfaction with the BrahMos supersonic cruise missile system, according to sources close to BrahMos Corporation. This positive feedback encompasses not just the weapon itself, but also the training programs and facilities provided by India.

The PMC is particularly impressed with the BrahMos system’s capabilities and the comprehensive training received by Filipino personnel in India. This training ensures the PMC crew possesses the necessary skills to effectively operate and maintain the system.

In a potential show of force in the region, the PMC is reportedly planning a live-fire drill involving the BrahMos system in the coming months. This exercise would demonstrate the Philippines’ growing military capabilities and its commitment to regional security.

The BrahMos system comes equipped with dedicated training rounds, allowing the PMC to conduct realistic drills without expending actual missiles. This ensures personnel are well-prepared for a live-fire launch when the time comes.

The planned live-fire drill will be closely watched by regional players. It will serve as a testament to the Philippines’ growing military prowess and its willingness to utilize the BrahMos system to safeguard its territorial interests.

The BrahMos system’s successful integration into the PMC arsenal signifies a deepening defense partnership between India and the Philippines. This collaboration is likely to play a crucial role in maintaining regional stability in the years to come.

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